12/16/14 03:40 pm
hi guys my mum told me i must blog about my prom experience so here we go!!!

i started the day with johnson coming over to prepare for prom together; he took like one-tenth the amount of time i took to prepare HAHAHA but i have to say, the makeup i did for prom was the most on point it's ever been. \o/

we took a cab (i was hot, sweaty and annoyed HAHA) to prom, took photos blah blah blah ate dinner which was subpar and took more photos!! shoutout to fang for understand my ig ootd needs and being shameless w me ily. also there will be no photos in this post bc i am lazy and everything is on instagram!!

anyway so while we were having dinner one of the councillors came over to ask me if i was okay with being a prom queen nominee and ofc i was like ?!???!! and i said "no" bc i couldn't imagine going onstage facing the whole cohort!!! but the councillor was like "you can't say no!!" HAHAHA and i asked if johnson was a nominee and she said yes and so i agreed bc it's remarkably less scary to be onstage w a friend (and boyfriend).

so when the climbers were taking the photos, suddenly the doors opened and people started pointing at me and johnson?? turns out the emcee had just announced the prom king and queen nominees HAHA. we were ushered in amongst cheers of "JOHNSON! JOHNSON! JOHNSON!" by the climbers and miscellaneous others (typical).

once onstage, the emcee labelled us F1, F2 and F3 (i was F3) for the female nominees and likewise for our male counterparts, then asked us to do catwalks. i was last to go so i knew how to upstage the previous two (HAHAHA SO CUNNING RIGHT) but nah i didn't rly upstage them la, i remember doing a hair flick and a weird semi-bow thingy and getting hair in my eye LMAO. my feet were also killing me, i was praying so much i wouldn't trip and fall HAHAHA. johnson did a rly rly cute and hilarious catwalk by doing exaggerated hipswaying and pointing his finger at the audience hurhur.

then!!! the emcee had us stand in a line in front of the audience, and proceeded to tell the male audience to line up in front of the girl they thought should be prom queen and vice versa. i don't rly approve of this though bc it's so not cool to compare people's popularity like that?? idk.

so then it was time to announce the results (by this point my toes were numb). the prom king was announced first! julian won - the council prez, not my brother HAHAHA. good job julian, if you ever read this. :B

i was disappointed though HAHA i had hoped johnson would win!! anyhow, it was at this point that i started crafting captions for ig, like "thanks for nominating me prom queen even though i didn't win" and then the emcee said "F3"! at first i was a little unsure as to who F3 was, but when i observed that the other girls hadn't moved, i concluded that it was me HAHAHA and that's how i won prom queen!!!

the story doesn't end here though! when the emcee asked julian and i to take a photo together as prom king and queen, the entire school went like "EYYYYYYY" super disapprovingly HAHA then!!! johnson ran up onstage and kinda pushed julian away! AWWW I WAS SO TOUCHED PLS that was such a romantic gesture. :'))) so we took a couple of photos while the whole school cheered hehe that was really gratifying!!! ^_^

then prom ended and we continued to take photos. it was so crowded and crazy though, i couldn't wait to get out of the mad rush to change out of my heels omg.

afterwards, we (me, johnson, fang, jerryl, daryl, jerome and perry) cabbed to zouk. fang and jerome bought drinks, then we went to a gazebo behind the grand copthorne hotel and proceeded to get drunk. i didn't drink enough to get drunk so i was sober throughout, and tbh it was quite scary to see people transform under the influence of alcohol ö #wimp. daryl makes a hilarious, retarded drunk though i must say HAHAHA.

anyway then we went to zouk and phuture and started dancing and it was awesome!!! very invigorating, though not rly my cuppa tea bc it's a little too intense for my liking i think. :P and i danced so much my toes and feet and ankles and calves hurt like crap ughhhh.
12/21/13 08:09 pm
Here is the long-awaited and long-dreaded on my part blog post of the KL trip that the climbers went on last week! I HATE BLOGGING FNSJKFHDSJAK

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11/21/13 03:18 pm

Here is a photo of me welcoming you into the super long and epic essay about my trip to Taiwan! Please brace yourselves for many photos and many more paragraphs.

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10/11/13 11:42 pm
I've been putting off this post for only two weeks WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!

AKA THE END OF PROMOS!!! I can't believe promos has already ceased to exist for one week. ö Since I'm on the topic of promos, I might as well expound a little on the horrors that it has wrecked upon my life. 

GP and Chinese were horrifying. My grasp on English felt very wishy-washy that day, and Chinese speaks for itself. The Physics paper was not worth all the time I'd invested in studying for it because it was SO FREAKING HARD!!! Math was stupidly difficult too, although I expected it. It's my fault for neglecting Math till three days before the exam. Chemistry, thankfully, was a merciful paper, but I can't say the same for Geography. >:(

Anyway, when the Geog paper ended, I went off to meet the climbers at Onsight for dinner! In retrospect, it really was a huge waste of time travelling all the way to Mountbatten from Botanic Gardens but I had time to waste, so. I managed to make my way to Onsight from the MRT station without getting lost more than once - VICTORY!!! Then I spent about half an hour sitting on the mat in my socks and uniform feeling illegal because I hadn't paid to use the facilities AKA sit on the mat HAHA but no one chased me out so that's a good thing. 

We decided to eat at JustAcia at Dhoby Ghaut, but when we got there, the place was packed! We ended up going to Cathay to check out Astons and Saizeriya (is this how you spell it...), but since Astons was packed full and by the time we got to Saizeriya we were as hungry as a pack of wolves, we decided to just stick it out in the queue at Saizeriya. Surprisingly we got seats pretty quickly considering we had about 10+ people queueing in front of us! 

Dinner was great talking about... I don't remember what we talked about HAHA I learnt there that ginger ale is a really nice beverage though. Then Fang very nicely offered me a ride home because her mum was driving and omg her mum is worse at directions than I am! But her mum is really really nice. 

Had lunch with my grandma and the family at this place called the, uh, Tea House...? Except they don't specialise in serving tea. It's just your typical Chinese oriental restaurant but worse because their xiao longbao was SO LACKLUSTER!!! They were tiny. I was heartbroken. 

It's located in Far East Square, a place I never knew existed until I went there for lunch. It's quite pretty and very empty on weekends because it's pretty near the CBD. 

Watched The Internship with Jia Hui, Jinlin and Yuet Wan! The beginning of the movie was meh, but things really picked up once the two main characters started their interview with Google. The movie is hilarious and heartwarming and DYLAN O' BRIEN IS SO CUTE FDHSFHDJ and and THE GOOGLE WORKPLACE IS RLY COOL OMG if you watch the movie you'll wish you were a Google employee. But honestly if one of the requirements of being a Google employee is being a geek and having to know everything about, like, Star Wars, then I'll probably fail.

We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant whose name escapes me. This little kid sitting next to us was being SO LOUD. To make matters worse, he crawled over to our side of the couch and sTARTED TO CRAWL ALL OVER JIAHUI AND I WAS HONESTLY JUST TERRIFIED OK I was hoarding my food to my side of the table like ain't nobody stealing my food not even you you diaper-wearing creature!1!!1 So while the girls went on to eat ice cream dessert, I left Orchard for Farrer Park to meet the climbers! 

We got to climb at CA before the opening time (woohoo thanks Jups) so we had the entire boulder gym all to ourselves. Meaning that the guys went crazy and started doing stupid things like being a burden and resting on the wall so no one could try the route and chalking the butt of the person sitting on the wall and traversing using the tops of the walls even though those are technically out of bounds and tickle-attacking unsuspecting people. Actually, most of these things happened to Isaac HAHA what's wrong with you. 

Jups set four routes for us on the second level, all but one of which I could not do. :( And the one route I did manage to top was a route that required compression of volumes, which I've noticed is my only strongpoint in climbing. Even then I'm not that great at it. Yet. I developed a blood-filled blister on my middle finger which popped while I was attempting the first route so I ended up leaving a streak of blood on the tile HAHAHA. Fortunately it didn't hurt because the blister popped but didn't tear, so not a lot of water could get in when I washed my hands. I had to scrub off the blood I left on the tile with some wet tissue though. :( All the sweat and blood we've shed in the CA gym...

Afterwards we went for dinner at Citysquare Mall's newly renovated food court! I always have so much difficulty choosing what to buy in food courts because I'm always so spoilt for choice. :( 

Games' Day! I had been forced into the Telematch team, which consisted of OG18 and me. Awkward. We won though! The telematch comprised of 6 obstacles - one for every member of the team - and the fastest team wins. I chose the obstacle least likely to get me wet HAHA it involved stepping into circles of cups filled with water without spilling the cups. If you spill the cups, you get a water bomb thrown at you. The circles were located pretty far away from each other, and no one told me I could put my other foot down on the ground while one foot was inside the circle, so I balanced and jumped through the entire thing and I didn't spill a single drop of water! \O/ There was this one last bit that I honestly thought I could not manage because it was really far away, but at the last moment I realised I was losing my balance so I jumped and I made it! I think it's because climbing has trained me to step well with my toes and to trust my feet hehe. 

Afterwards Isaac taught me a bit of soccer, then us and Prem went up to the library to while the time away. I got scolded by the librarian for bringing my water bottle in. :( After the NE dialogue, Isaac, Johnson, Prem, Yun Xuan, Daryl, Szujin and I met to leave for Insidious 2 at the Nex. We visited the Doggiestyle Cafe (it sounds really wrong) and I must say that the puppies kept on display there look really uncomfortable+cold. Some of them were trembling in their cages! 

Insidious 2 has a really good storyline I must say. Considering I didn't watch Insidious 1, I think I understood the plot pretty well! The jump-scares were not bad too, although I think a lot of horror stories have very similar scary situations. It kind of reminded me of some of Supernatural's ghost episodes too. On a whole, I'd rate Insidious 2 as better than The Conjuring. 

We went for dinner and bought Jiaboon's cake. As we were taking our traditional outing photo in the MRT station, guess who ran out of the arriving trains and into our group shot! Eugene HAHA how coincidentalll. 

Had lame PW in the day, but tbh I think I spent half of the time slacking away in front of the laptop watching Supernatural/snapchatting. I keep regretting not bringing my jacket because I'm always falling asleep during the PW lectures and it gets so bloody cold in the LT when I'm asleep. :( There was an unprecedented climbers' meeting in the canteen at 2PM too HAHA and we talked till 3. Why does time always seem to fly so quickly on PW days?! 

Anyway, I think all this time spent with my classmates has given me the opportunity to actually open up and start liking them. For the most part of this year I've kind of kept to myself and not really mixed around with most of my classmates; these past few days have showed that they're actually decent people worth getting to know better! But I'm lazy HAHAHA

I left at 5 for CCA. We were split up into teams of 3 and 4 and assigned a wall on which to set a new endurance route. Setting routes is actually pretty fun, given that we weren't setting it with difficulty in mind, but endurance. An endurance route is basically a route consisting of about 30 tiles; the ultimate aim is to finish the route without falling off the wall. I was grouped with Daryl, Jia Shen and Wei Hang, and I think we were quite efficient! \O/ Yay us. Perhaps it's also because we were given the 15 degree wall which is pretty easy compared to the middle two walls. I can't wait to try out the other endurance routes! 

Those who finished setting the endurance route went outside to top-rope. After such a long break of not climbing the high wall, the prospect of having to climb at great height was pretty unnerving for me. :( But I surprised myself! Although I fell (once) trying to get past the overhang of the brown route, I managed to do it on my second attempt! I'm really proud of myself. I topped the brown route soon after and omg I love the sense of achievement I get when I've topped a route I've been working on for several months!!!

After MG chased us out of the gym, we went down to the basketball court to play ball. I never thought I'd become so athletic, joining NJC. I guess it's pretty ironic that I've become more sporty than mugger-y in a school famous for muggerifying people. Anyway, I managed to score a goal for my team! Completely by accident, of course, but it's still a nice feeling. Playing ball with the climbers is hilarious too because we always manage to accidentally kick the ball instead of bounce it, some way or another. 

We played one game (my team lost, of course, as they were stuck with the only girl) and then we headed out to the field to lepak! It's actually really relaxing to lie down on the turf and get lost in the night sky, listening to the squabbling voices of the climbers overhead and spacing out. It seemed as though we didn't have a care in the world.

I just watched a movie called Source Code, and while the sci-fi part of it deeply fascinates me, I am also endlessly frustrated by the seemingly inexplicable quantum physics behind the whole alternate reality thing. I mean, it's not possible for a single brain's electromagnetic waves to completely create a new parallel universe right!!! BUT IT ISN'T EXPLAINED! I am at once mindblown and frustrated. And the Wikipedia page isn't doing anything to help either. >:(

Sigh I can't believe I spent one whole hour + 30 minutes typing up this post. Vetra and Huiyin, if you're reading this: allez for your remaining exams!!!
09/11/13 11:44 pm
Promos will swoop in in approximately two weeks, and in the mad scramble for time and studies, I've decided to take a little break to write about my life. I'm getting better at this blogging dedication; perhaps it's a mark of my slow journey towards discipline!

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And we've finally reached the end of this post! I applaud you for staying on till the end, if you're still reading this AHAHA wow. I really want to climb tomorrow, everything in me wants to climb tomorrow, but I have to study. :( Motherfreaking promos. 

Also I can't believe I spent 4 hours on this wtf???
06/22/13 02:22 pm
My trip to Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia! I really dedicated like half an hour every day to keep up with my journal ok this is hard work guys.

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06/16/13 07:23 pm
Well things have settled down tremendously! I have so much to talk about sdjfkshsj ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻ I'M SO LAZY why do I even keep a journal???

I'll copy [personal profile] 960225 's format because that's far more convenient haha thanks Rach. 

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Whew this was a long post. Took me a month to type up yikes. Anyway I feel really accomplished now!!