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ELYSE ([personal profile] caurque) wrote2014-11-11 09:17 pm
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very important list of wishes


ok honestly i've been treating this journal like crap and purely as a means to dump all the random research i've done over the past year for like GP and geog HAHAHA but all the posts are private so this blog is not as inactive as you think HA HA ha ha

who am i kidding LMAO i promised to blog about so many comps and look what happened :'( anyway as we proceed into the festive season of christmas greetings and the like, i hereby announce this journal's status as (somewhat) active!!!

actually nah i'm just using it to deposit my christmas wish list so my aMAZING FRIENDS (wink cough etc) can buy me some AMAZING christmas / graduation gifts!!!!! hehe

- striped B&W high-neck crop top ✔️
- camel tan skirt (skater or mermaid) ✔️
- grey maxi skirt (no pleats pls) ✔️
- ripped denim shorts ✔️
- dark red knitted cardigan ✔️
- pretty sweaters (i accept any and all, knitted or cashmere is a v v v good bonus)
- boxy white tops w sleeves (i have a severe lack of sleeved tops LMAO)
- cigarette pants?? i need pants

hahaha ok it's all clothes because over the course of taking my prelims i discovered the half-crazed salivating fashionista beast within me who secretly wants to be a fashion blogger and travel the world HAHAHAHAHAA but first i need to stock up on clothes

oh no what have i done

anyway i'm 1.75 weeks away from the end of A levels so exciting!!! now we'll have a commercial break, pls stay tuned