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beyond gravity

first post of 2014!

ok i was supposed to blog about all the stuff that happened in december and stuff but i'm lazy so let's do a quick recap:

i had youth camp which was really fun but tiring and i climbed at kinetics with the girls which was awesome because i managed to complete two of the routes i told myself i would top before leaving and i went to malaysia with the family to celebrate my grandma's 80th bday as well as christmas and i watched walter mitty with the climbers and i went for countdown with the climbers as well! 

playing with sparklers at woodlands waterfront after the countdown! 

johnson and i attempting and failing to do a heart HAHA

mock comp was horrible, i only got 1 top 1 bonus in the comp but immediately after i topped 2 more routes on my first attempt + completed a third route after a few tries. and in the week after that i completed the flat wall novice men route + 2 inter women routes + the iw dyno! \O/ i guess you would say i trained quite a bit for dynos, so i was quite disappointed when gravical didn't have any dyno routes at all boo. 

we had a yoga session two days before gravical and it was really painful HAHAHA

vetra and i photobombing jups like pros

look at me i look like a ballerina while everybody around me flails HAHAHA

okay and here's the start of the gravical post! i probably missed out a lot of other stuff too but sigh i'm so lazzzyyyyyyyyy plus i completed this weekend's homework and even some homework ahead of time today so i can afford to be lazy right

the climbers all reached harbourfront mrt surprisingly early/on time, and we proceeded to the competition venue at the water fountains! upon first glance the routes looked absolutely horrible D: we spotted the juggy giveaway route in no time but the U17 qualifiers didn't seem to be topping it with ease, which only made us more nervous. after registering and discovering we were in detail 1 (JUPS YOU LYING LIAR!!!!!!), everything passed in a flash and before we knew it, it was time to begin! 

us looking nervous before the comp

route 4

the flash that i'm super proud of!! :D vetra and i played scissors paper stone to see who would get to try this route first and i won so if you think about it i was the first flash of my detail and the entire NW comp HAHAHA not that it amounts to anything at all but i just think it's cool. i was super psyched and full of strength at this point, and this route seemed ridiculously easy, like one of the red routes in kinetics sort of easy! the third last tile that everyone in U17 seemed to struggle with wasn't hard to reach/hold for me at all, although the swing could possibly have thrown my off the wall. it's good that my YOLO mindset was this point was a focused one too! HAHA and yeah, i tried copying the demo climber at first in reaching for the last tile but i decided it seemed too far away so i did it differently with a slight drop-knee and it served me well! 

route 1

tried this next and hmm, i almost slipped off this tile because i wasn't holding it properly but after i got proper hold of it, the heel hook wasn't too hard to execute! made it to the tile before the bonus but i couldn't find my balance so i dropped off the wall D: i couldn't do this route the next few times i tried it because i was already too tired from the rest of the routes and the start was really crimpy and taxing on the fingers, oh well! 

route 3

did this next and didn't get the second tile on the first two tries i think! the only starting tile is one foothold which you have to step up on, aim, and grab hold of the ledgey second tile! the next few tiles after the ledge were alright, and getting to the bonus wasn't hard. the hard part came after that, because my left knee kept turning out of this position into an owl position which according to MG was the reason why i kept popping off the wall every time i tried to crosshand to the next tile! oh well, i doubt i'd have been able to keep hold of the endtile even if i did made it that far anyway HAHA the end tile was so shitty. oh oh and my left foot got stuck in the space between the volume and the wall on my first attempt, so i wasted a lot of time and energy trying to pull my foot out HAHA

route 5

i had so much difficulty getting my left foot on this foothold omg!!! ok this route was too hard for me HAHA i can't do crosshands for nuts and argh whatever HAHA

route 2

this route is a scammer route HAHA it made me think the hard part was grabbing hold of the volume when actually the hard part is the starting!!! every time i swung out to grab the second tile WHICH IS A JUG i would slip off SO ANNOYING OMG oh well

overall i was quite happy with my performance! ^_^ i was aiming for 2 tops but aiya 1 top 2 bonus is alright by me too HAHA at least i placed 33 out of 76 (?) positions so now i can say i'm above average for novice women hoho.

victory pose after the comp! 

oh and i forgot to pass my results slip to the route 6 spotted omg i could've been DISQUALIFIED!!! anyway the girls did really well too! vetra improved by leaps and bounds with 1 top 2 bonus and tan remains as good as ever with 1 top 4 bonuses! fang CRUSHED in the inter comp, seriously. it's her first time but she got 2 tops and 4 bonuses, and she was sick! if she was in good health she'd probably have gotten into inter finals or something. 

vetra and i went to play with the water hehe

we wanted a velfin photo but somehow we got bombed by the entire team HAHAHA


the boys went for their econs lecture while zihao, jinghui, vetra, tan and i went to starbucks for coffee! \O/ i just realised i'm the only person in the team who doesnt take econs whoa. 

we went to daiso and i did what i do best

being poser

haixuan my favourite senior came down to support us too! <3 but she left soon after with her boiboi boo.

went for lunch and johnson very nicely went to the food court with me even though he wanted subway! then we managed to sneak off sneakily from the team afterwards to spend some quality time with each other without the team's prying eyes :B

this is what i mean by prying eyes

jaykay i think all the paparazzi shots are damn cute HAHAH

i think the boys did well, especially our dear captain! everybody allez, we'll made our way to the top slowly and steadily :D

vetra came up with the brilliant idea to draw follow me advertisements on our arms with the lipstick pencil free gift HAHAHA and then she and tan went and terrorised the entire team

this is really silly HAHAHA oh and johnson were you pointing at me with your 'girlfriend' arm??? HAHA

yup then we had a really unhealthy dinner to end off the eventful day! johnson and i went to 'pat-tor' at the sentosa boardwalk and it is really pretty at night omg *^* there are fairy lights everywhere as well as little lights on the floor that twinkle and fireworks randomly started going off at one point it was so romantic HAHA

to end off, i think i'm quite contented with my results! there's a lot for me to improve on in terms of competition skills, like how to psyche myself up and how not to let the psyche slip away like it did for me D: but i think i've got a better handle on my emotions now, and gravical was certainly a very fulfilling, fun and illuminating experience!

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