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Here is the long-awaited and long-dreaded on my part blog post of the KL trip that the climbers went on last week! I HATE BLOGGING FNSJKFHDSJAK

10 DECEMBER 2013
I reached school bright and early! MG was like an erupting volcano because the lock of the school cage couldn't be opened - the keys just went missing from her pigeon hole! So in the end we used a wrench to break open the lock, we're so badass. 

The bus ride there was pretty long and boring. We spent some time playing Forehead Charades, but that only lasted us so long. I spent the rest of the trip sleeping. We stopped for breakfast, where Johnson incidentally bumped into his grandparents, how cool is that! I want to bump into my relatives too HAHA. We had a lunch stop too that was absolutely horrendous, I'm just glad Vetra and I decided to share food (and we didn't even finish our noodles because it was that bad). D:

Finally we arrived at 1Utama and started climbing at Camp 5, the biggest indoor climbing gym in Asia! *\O/* We spent the whole day there lead-climbing, and Vetra and I were unfortunate enough to choose a 5C brown route that seriously felt more like a 6A route because the moves were really tricky and weird. And I clipped in wrongly in a lot of places so my rope was running all over the place omg. D: But I'm still alive, so. And I'm proud to say that I completed the route without cheating and resting on the rope! But I wasted a huge reserve of my energy on that route, sigh. 

We did a total of 4 routes that day, 3 5Cs and one 5C+ I think? I was most exhausted that day though, and my forearms were aching like nobody's business! 

My beloved belaying partner and I! This wasn't posed at all. (PS if you're reading this Faiz, I want this photo in our climbing video. :D PPS: Johnson if you're reading this I expect you to relay this message to Faiz thank you <3)

This is such a cool photo hoho.

While we were resting, we took many many photos! At the back you will see a wild Huiyin molesting me. 

Here's another photo of the person I trust my life with and I. 

The team is so weird.



Look at this cute kids' climbing structure thing omg HAHA. This is the photo in which Vetra mistakenly thought the universe revolved around her and told us that we looked ugly in this photo because she looked ugly. D:< #velfin plus our no. 2 #velfan yay! 

We went to Fish and Co. next for dinner and I stupidly washed my hands with the hand sanitiser, not thinking about the wounds on the back of my hands (because I bit my hands again + grazed them against the wall while clipping in) until it was too late and the alcohol BURNEDDDD.


I think Tan looks really cute here. :B

I seriously have no idea what we were thinking when we posed for this photo.

Fang looking completely stressed out about our room and engaging in social suicide to escape from the torturous surroundings of our unhygienic B&B room + her unhygienic bedmate. 

Our room had so many problems omg firstly our door couldn't lock properly (you merely had to press your shoulder to the door and it'd just fall open like what.) and secondly the ceiling was falling apart and thirdly THE COCKROACHES and fourthly the super cold aircon that I woke at 4:30AM to turn off because I was literally an ice popsicle. D:< So Jups came and fixed the unlockable door problem by attaching an elastic band around our door knob and to our bed frames. He also put a door under our door knob so that we were locked in our room and everyone else was locked out HAHA. I'd wanted to sneak out to meet Johnson but guess that plan failed epically! 

11 DECEMBER 2013

After a night of insignificant rest, we went down and took an imprompu team photo in front of some closed shop while waiting for the bus AHAHA.

Angry face shot! Except stupid Prem.

Everyone fell asleep on the bus on the way to Batu Caves so I took it upon myself as a personal responsibility to photograph everyone's faces. You're welcome. :D




I think Faiz wins the sleeping beauty award of this trip! 

Shameless and Eugene. 




Stupid Weiyi wasn't cooperating. D:<


Johnson and Prem were the only people awake besides Vetra and I HAHA

We refused to go to sleep because we didn't want to be lethargic before climbing! 

Team photo in front of Batu Caves yay! \O/ The colours are gorjezzz.

Yay #velfin photo at Batu Caves! 

Me loving the rock.

I took suuuuch a long time with my first route because I didn't have the hang of climbing on natural rock. It's really different climbing without any marked footholds and handholds for you, so I spent a long time on the wall looking around in panic and dying a little on the inside. It didn't help that MG was screaming at me to "Hold the white part! It's a nice pocket! NOT THAT PART, THE ONE ON THE RIGHT! NO NOT THAT ONE EITHER" omg I was so flustered HAHA. It was only three/four clips I think but Vetra and I took aaaages HAHAH

The next two routes just got easier though! The second route was damn fun because there was a hole in the route which I managed to squeeze through while climbing HAHA. But in order to get through the hole I had to push myself up with my arms only, without the help of my feet, so my legs were pretty much dangling deadweight and it was quite scary. But it was soooo fun! 

It looks like the wall's eating me up HAHA.

The third route was a pretty long route - Jups belayed me - but it was really fun, I had such an enjoyable experience climbing it and taking selfies hehe. 

Jups belaying me! 

My face is so sweaty and disgusting ohmygod BUT LOOK AT THE VIEW

There are too many cool photos of me on Facebook.

There was a route that ended in a small cave, so one of the boys (Faiz I think) went in and sat down to take a photo. I think this picture is really pretty. *^*

Us walking in single file like primary school kids on the way to lunch after climbing. 

Arty farty photo of me holding our #velfin polaroid yayyy.

After lunch, Johnson and I had a discussion while walking back to Batu Caves about letting the team know about us, and we agreed on not hiding it + me letting the girls know that night + letting the guys figure it out on their own HAHA. Little did we know, Jups was behind us taking this shot and going around telling the team that we looked very compatible from the back HAHAHA whattt.

Me and Tan Hui, the president and vice-president of Weird Elbows Club! 

The Lepak Club having fun at the swings after lunch HAHA. The swings were totally gonna break though - they wobbled every time Huiyin and I swung on it. And this photo looks like Prem is holding our chains HAHA

These people are so retarded.

After lazing around, Johnson and I decided to let Vetra in on our not so secret secret! Her response was damn big HAHA she kept going "Really? REALLY?? REALLY REALLY?!???" ohmygod but thanks for being so supportive Vetra. ^_^ I don't think I'd have had the guts to tell the rest of #velfin without you there! I think Prem overheard a lot of our conversations and so in the end Johnson told him too HAHA and Prem was our unofficial bodyguard of the day. \O/

Yup then I climbed my fourth and last route of the day! The first half of the route was pretty tricky, but once I got past that it was pretty smooth sailing! And everyone was being really encouraging too, by shouting out suggestions of where to put my feet. 

I think climbing really helped me become completely fearless of heights HAHA I would never have dared to look down at this height this time last year. 

Tan Hui top-roping Monsoon! Fang was busy belaying Isaac so I belayed her instead, and this is when I realised I'm a really lazy/not trustworthy belayer HAHA my neck really hurt from looking up, so first I got Johnson/Vetra to hold my head up, and then when they got tired I looked at the ground and told Vetra to tell me when to pull in the rope HAHAHA good thing Huiyin didn't look down at me while she was climbing because I think she would've become more scared hurhur. 

On the way to dinner, I played daidi with a few of the boys and I was never once the asshole WOOHOO I even beat Yunxuan the King once! Then Johnson and I sat together and held hands under my hoodie and Jups came over and said "Feeling cosy?" HAHA. And I'm pretty sure Jups saw us holding hands under the hoodie too. Jups is so observant, but he's also the coolest coach I could ever ask for. :D

Dinner was pretty great! We went for dessert too but I was too full to eat dessert. We were switched to a different room with a lockable door this time round, and that was when I told the girls about Johnson and I. :3 I'm really glad and thankful for their support - I was actually really surprised that they didn't freak! Yup, I was super relieved. 

12 DECEMBER 2013
Woke up super early to meet Johnson for some private tiemz (but we didn't do anything don't worry). We went to the roof to collect the tarp and then went for an early breakfast! I came back to the room only to discover a cockroach on the wall next to my bunk bed. D:< Who knows how long it's been there omg. 

Taking a photo in the girls' locker room was one of the firs t things we did in Camp 5. It was really clean! 

One of those Chris Sharma quotes! 

The team also took a group photo in Camp 5 hehe.

Of course #velfin couldn't resist camwhoring on the fake natural walls in Camp 5 too (which we didn't climb, why???).

I'm quite proud of our climbs on the last day of the trip! Jups told Vetra and I to move on to 6A routes, so we warmed up on a 5C+ peanut route (which we cheated on once oops) that was still comparatively easy! There was one part when Daryl attempted a dyno I think and he didn't make it and he hit my shoulder when he fell omg that was scary, especially since I was above the clip. D: But I braced myself for his fall, so I didn't fall either thank god! In retrospect I regret not falling at least once on this trip! 

Vetra and I then moved on to a super duper easy and juggy 6A route that felt more like a 5C! The crux was three moves from the end tile, and I had to do a damn scary sidestep to get past it omg. Vetra being Vetra with her long arms and big span managed to do it just by stepping up wth. :'( But I'm still quite proud I managed to complete a 6A route without spending a long time on it! 

Our last 6A route was a freaking spanny route and I think I spent like 30 minutes on that route ohmygod. I'm so sorry Vetra for making you belay me for so long. I even went to use my go-pro on that route HAHA but after 7 minutes and I was still on the second clip, I gave up and passed the camera to Yunxuan who had very nicely climbed up one clip for it. In spite of all my screaming and whining and half attempts to abort the climb, I'm proud to say that I managed to top it in the end! Of course it took a lot of willpower and breaks and cheating, but at least I didn't rainbow up. I tried my best to stick as close to the route as possible! 


Me resting on the rope on the last irritating route HAHA I got so thirsty while climbing this man. 

And this is the route Johnson told me that he was struggling with when Jups came along and started singing "Johnson and Elyse sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" HAHAHA and he completed it in the end yay good job dear. *\O/*

Vetra and I taking hipster photos by the quote.

We went for lunch at Subway and I ended up sitting in front of Jups and beside MG and I swear I couldn't look away from my food because I knew they knew and I was too embarrassed to look at them HAHA. After lunch we headed back to Camp 5 to boulder! 

I think this is the only photogenic photo there is of me topping out HAHA. Topping out is climbing up a route and then climbing over the wall to the second level! It's really cooooool. There was a pretty epic compression sorta dinosaur route that I didn't manage to complete. D: The crux requires a lot of span, something which us girls don't have boo. But yup, bouldering at Camp 5 is really awesome; the routes there seem so different from the ones in Singapore, idk. And I really like the Camp 5 ambiance too! Or maybe it's because the gym was pretty empty. 

Then we celebrated Wei Yi's birthday!! 

Happy belated birthday Wei Yi. :3 

There was a big hooha troll-within-a-troll birthday surprise thing going on for Wei Yo's birthday which I'm too lazy to explain so you can read it from Huiyins's blog HAHAH. We left soon after! I'm pretty disappointed I didn't get to buy a Camp 5 tee. :'( All the shirts were ugly, sigh. And the one shirt that I DID like, with the caption "would you like to see me flash?", didn't come in my size. :((( Oh well! 

We washed up and went back to the bus and Johnson and I sat together again and had the most wonderful bus ride back to Singapore together. :3 The first half of the ride was spent with the retarded team playing Forehead Charades (Isaac is a god at this game I swear), I have never and I have ever HAHA. Ironically, I was one of the first to lose both games. We went for dinner, then Johnson and I spent a good 2-3 hours in the dark holding hands and dozing/talking quietly. :3 It was the shortest bus ride I've ever had ok, 5 hours felt more like 30 minutes. D:< 

Aaand that's pretty much it! I had the time of my life in KL with the climbers, and I hope we can do it again next year after A's. :D
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We went to Fish and Co. next for dinner and I stupidly washed my hands with the hand sanitiser, not thinking about the wounds on the back of my hands (because I bit my hands again + grazed them against the wall while clipping in) until it was too late and the alcohol BURNEDDDD.

Have you ever wondered what you'd do if you somehow ended up permanently handicapped due to some freak climbing accident? (I touched wood while/after typing this, relax.)
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It's my first reaction omg I'm sorry LMAO

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Such an Elyse thing to happen :'D

That is...a really odd conclusion HAHA But yes in the rare event of that happening I do hope you won't end up a paraplegic.