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november 2013 (because i'm too lazy to think of a nice title now)

Oh my god I hate blogging ughgghghgh

Anyway, some of these entries were written on the spot now and some of the entries had been written on the day itself! Hence you'll notice that the ones I'm writing on the spot are really brief HAHA.

Who even reads this shit anymore though omg it's wayyyyy too much. And I'm too lazy to format everything nicely too so there HAHAH.

AKA the day before Chinese 'A's LMAO which I totally didn't study for but more about that later. Since this was ages ago I'll let the photos speak for themselves. (Mainly because I can't remember anything do you see why I need to keep a blog)

Gin baby's beautiful birthday! 

We had dinner at this place that Huiyin + Vetra and their clique went to before but I can't remember what it's called. It works somewhat like Marche! 


Muacks. <3

After dinner we walked around randomly and talked and took photos but everyone had to leave early I think! So we only had dinner. :'(

Chinese 'A's was surprisingly... not as difficult as I'd expected! Plus I double-checked my cloze passage (can't remember its chinese name LOLOL) with my friend from China and he says I got 7/10 which is amazing yay! Anyway I hope I get a B or a C.

OP went smoothly! I was a bundle of nerves though -- apparently I started my speech too softly. Q&A was a disaster, but I still have high hopes that we'll get an A overall!

I didn't tolerate those idiots for nothing.

Speaking of them, I'm actually quite glad for PW because it matured me a lot. I learnt how to work with uncooperative people/people I disliked, and I learnt to see the good points in them too!

Reel Rock 8! I think there was a pretty bad traffic jam so I met the guys (Johnson, Isaac, Prem, Ken) super late. :'( We were supposed to have dinner at EwF but since I was so epically late I could only afford to take away a box of nuggets and Prem's fries.

We were almost running late so we practically ran to the theatre, which was in the school of Accountancy...? I can't remember. Anyway, there was a fork in our path, and we turned right I think, but after running for like a minute Ken decided we were going the wrong way so we turned back and went the other way, but then we ended up in the MRT or something and when we asked for directions, it turned out that our original direction was correct HAHA and thus came about the sprinting.

By the time we made it to the theatre (we were early), we were sweating like pigs! The first two films, Spice Girl and (can't remember title) with Daniel Woods *^* in it were pretty good and made my hands and feet sweat like no tomorrow; the last two films unfortunately were kind of meh.

It was a good time! I only caught a glimpse of my crusader and his girlfriend while we were leaving. :'(

Went to Jiahui's house (ALL THE WAY AT SIMEI WTH) for a sleepover with the girls! Her condo is a freaking 10 minute walk from the MRT ohmygod we nearly died under the sun.

We made brownies! I didn't know making brownies was so fast and easy. ö Sadly I couldn't eat much because of my sore throat. After just one bite, my sore throat started acting up again. :'( I was so sad. But I ate quite a bit of ice cream because it soothed the throat!

Afterwards we talked and talked and went crazy filming a romantic-Korean-MV-turned-horror-movie HAHA omg. We watched a movie in Jiahui's room then while Jiahui cooked mushroom spaghetti for us yay. <3 She made tomato juice too, which was super yummy!

Her mother is super cute. Anyway after Clarence and Jinlin left, Yuet and I bathed and then read the rest of the night, to Jiahui's disappointment HAHA I think she wanted a late night gossip session oops.

Was rudely awoken at 8AM for breakfast. I tried my hand at making milo, and despite it being such an easy task, I took the longest to finish it HAHA. I'm too used to using the coffee machine/making instant coffee whoops. We had baked beans and bread and scrambled eggs for breakfast yum!

After a session of much lepak, Yuet and I went down to the swimming pool! We played on the kiddy slides and I set a route on the pirate ship. \O/ But afterwards we got cold so we went back up and bathed, and then it was time to go back home!

All in all it was a wonderful time and I really do enjoy spending time with my classmates, they're so funny. <3

Dinner with Aiko! While on the long escalator to Level 3 from Level 1 at Shaw, I noticed Aiko on Level 2! HAHA so I took the escalator back down and took the other escalator and when we shared the biggest hug when we met! \O/ She'd gotten an awful graze on her chin from a skateboard accident though so I was super shocked to see her like that.

We headed to TCC for dinner because she had membership there and we couldn't stop talking long enough to take a look at the menu and order HAHA. We would keep getting distracted or sidetracked by something or another and completely forget about it. Anyway I ordered a delicious Mushroom Arrabiatta (???) and we talked and talked and talked!

After about 2 hours we left to watch Ender's Game in Lido. \O/ That wasn't really part of the plan but since it had recently just started showing and I'd really wanted to watch it because I was so into the books, we impulsively bought the tickets.

The movie was utter shit but Aiko seemed to like it! And I successfully got her to read Ender's Game woohoo. \O/ Afterwards we went down to Isetan to do a little grocery shopping for her mum (we couldn't find the cabbage) and then my mum called me to say that she was in the area so I got a ride home! Aiko hitched a ride too and I was so sad to part with her. :'( Who knows when the next time I see her will be?

Went to climb at CA with Johnson since Ken was only going to come later and none of the rest of the climbers could make it! Anyway I think it was a really lousy day for me; I didn't progress on any of the boulder routes MG set for me (except the one with the stupid undercling that I managed to touch in the end with Johnson's help but still couldn't hold on to ;;).

Top rope was much better I think! I could barely do the 6As but it's alright, I expected that. And Johnson kept giving me slack omg I was super scared. D:< In the end it got really crowded so we went back in to continue bouldering! I was kinda tired though so I think we lepaked more than we climbed HAHA. Ken came with his friends and I demo-ed a route for them HAHAH I felt so pro, for once! 

And then I wasted 20 minutes walking around looking for the bus stop that would bring me home but I didn't find it. :( 

Finally, the Bugis #velfin post! Fang was late so Huiyin, Vetra and I went off to eat lunch first! We took so long deciding where to eat (Soup Spoon) that in the end Fang arrived at the same time as us to eat lunch HAHA.

After lunch we went shoppinggg. I was super determined to buy clothes that day (not sure why) and I managed to buy 2 pretty white tanks, 1 lightning themed cropped top, 1 bag, 1 batman cropped sweater and 1 pair of shorts! And I only spent ~$70 in total, for 6 items. Not bad right!

There were really pretty shorts but they were freaking $20 omg.

A funny situation was when I bought the pair of shorts but I didn't know what size I was, so the shopkeeper had to take out a towel and hold it up so I could change behind it in the shop omg HAHAHA. Huiyin wanted me to wear it out instead of my current red shorts, but there wasn't a hole for the button! Because I had to cut it myself and didn't know how, Huiyin offered to help me cut it with this HUGE GIGANTIC PAIR OF SCISSORS and I was terrified she would stab me in the vajayjay HAHAHA. In light of that, the shopkeeper very nicely offered me some cardboard to put between the shorts and my skin HAHA.

Afterwards there was a huge confusion about how to get to Haji Lane from Bugis Street; in the end I whipped out my GPS and was like "LET ME LEAD THE WAY I'M A GUIDE" and I actually successfully did it HA not so directionally dysfunctional anymore now am I!

And then came our shameless photoshoot:

Vetra looking spastic as always.

Because alcohol free zones are really important to us.

The colours were so pretty. *^*

I think this is the best photo of the lot HAHA it's hilarious.

YAY doing what climbers do best! \O/

Fang looking hot in her abs and all.

We found a super good spot to rest the DSLR to camwhore on timer OTL we're shameless.

I'm pretty sure we did this on timer too.

Okay I'm gonna skip the rest of the photos because I'm lazy.

We were so tired in the end we went to this burger cafe to rest! The burgers were insanely good. ö Overall it was a wonderful, hilarious day!

We celebrated Jinlin's birthday at Clementi Mall. The girls told me they were on Level 2 but the thing is THERE IS NO LEVEL 2 so I went around looking for Level 2 before the finally corrected themselves and told me they were on Level 4 HAHA. But it's kinda creepy right, that there isn't a Level 2. ö

Anyway, we went to Swensens for dinner! Yuet was organising the surprise card and present because she would be late, and I'm happy to say that it went quite well! Finally, one birthday surprise I didn't accidentally mess up. \O/

We spent like 3 hours talking at the table I think. ö From pre-peak period, we stayed there till there was only us and another group of friends left! I wanted to watch Catching Fire too but their parents didn't allow it so late at night oh well!

Ironically, the birthday girl had to pay for us with her card because we realised in dismay that we'd totally underestimated the price of Swensens food and hadn't brought any money HAHA. OOPS.

Jinlin if you see this (which you probably won't) I'm really sorry HAHAHA

Fang's BBQ party! The climbers arranged to meet at her bus stop at 4PM, one hour before her partaye, but climbers being climbers, everyone was late except Vetra and I! Hence we did what we did best:

This is the reflection of the balloon we bought for Fang, super cool right!

When they came we finished up the card and were led by Jiashen to Fang's house! When she came out the door we awkwardly started singing the Happy Birthday song, then #velfin presented her card and balloons and flowers to her! I hope you like them Fang, if you read this!

Afterwards we went swimming~!

Failed attempt at underwater selfie! 

I don't know when this photo was taken nor what I was doing HAHAH

I can't believe we actually have a decent looking #velfin photo in the pool HAHA

The royal princess on her throne! We decided to play chicken fight in the pool and it was the worst idea of my life. The boys are such cheaters. D:<

What in the world is happening.

Look at this bitch Yunxuan pushing me off when it hadn't even started!!!

Afterwards we washed up and took more photos in Fang's room HAHA buuuttttt I'm too lazy so you can go check out Huiyin's or Vetra's blog if you wanna see!

I think this is a damn nice photo of Huiyin and the lamb! *^*

As you can see, the boys did most of the work while the girls played and got in the way HAHAH.


The boys playing with the sparklers to give Fang a non-erect dick.

Happy belated birthday Fang! 

Cake smash #1

Cake smash #2 HAHAHA

We're so beautiful. *^*

This is so perfect I wanna cry. :'D\

Aaaand yup there's a lot more to talk about but I'm a lazy pigggg.

Caught Catching Fire with the climbers! Okay I just realised I spend a lot of time with climbers HAHA. Well we had a deal -- whoever comes late owes everyone free popcorn. And us being us, no one was late. We tried to put the blame on Prem but he insisted he'd arrived at 11:55AM, even though he got lost and only met us a little past 12 HAHA damn it. 

At Shaw Lido, Johnson spotted a poster advertising free movie tickets for Justin and the Knights of Valour and so he started posing with the sword and the shield HAHAHA Vetra and I followed suit, and the three of us uploaded the photos on Instagram (only to realise one day later that the promo had already ended 2 weeks ago ooops!) 

We ate lunch, shopped a bit, and watched Catching Fire! It was reaaaally good. I'm very happy that it followed the book really accurately! It left out a couple of minor details but that can be forgiven. Also, Finnish is REALLY hot. And Johanna is just hilarious.

Yup after the movie we went outside to the big Christmas tree + Mistletoe Garden outside Ion and started taking photos like tourists. #shameless And I'm too lazy to post the pictures so once again you can go find them in Vetra's and Huiyin's blogs HAHA ugh I hate blogging.

We had our first OGL Walk-In practice and I totally suck at dancing oh my god. In fact I don't think I can remember the moves anymore HAHA whoops! It was pretty funny to watch all the guys try to do a body wave and fail miserably though HAHA. 

After dance prac Isaac, Zhi Yi and I went down to the pull-up bars to do pull-ups. I'm quite glad to see that my max is still safely at 4, and that I haven't deteriorated TOO badly! 

Met Vetra and Johnson at JE mrt at 9:45 (for the first time in my life I was early!) and headed to the library! Since we were early, we had to queue in the SUN, during which Johnson discovered that my ombré tanning attempt yesterday had worked and my ugly tan line was no longer obvious! \O/ I was sweating like a pig by the time we got in.

We managed to get the best seats all the way at the back of Level 3 where the librarian rarely passes with the super big windows! I studied the rest of the COE and DCC Physics notes and was halfway done with my DCC Tutorial when someone suggested lunch!

After a huge debate of whether to eat at Cafe Galilee or the food court, I eventually gave in like the good kind friend I am and let the boys win. Which means that I didn't get to eat my beloved Galilee Special!! >:( But it's ok, I made up for it by eating the BBQ Beef Rice in the food court that was actually quite expensive too but worth it! Afterwards Wei Yi very kindly treated us to apple pie from Macs (because he felt bad) (it's good to know he has a conscience) and we went to sit by the Ice Rink to laugh at lousy ice skaters HAHAHA.

On the way back to the library we got distracted by the Stickies shop! We tasted some freebies, left, and then Johnson was like, "Are we gonna keep walking at this slow pace, because if we are I'll run back to Stickies and get more free candy" HAHAHA. So Wei Yi and Johnson ran back and got free candy for us too!

We went back to study some more, whereupon I finished Physics and started on PnC. At 4, we packed up and took a few shots for Johnson's tumblresque photoshoot around the library with his hoodie HAHAHA. Then we went down to Cafe Galilee (FINALLY) and bought lava cake and chicken chunks! I'm still sad I didn't get to eat my Galilee Special. :'( Wei Yi brought some magazines to the table and was absolutely appalled when he discovered that all the pages about sex had been torn out of the magazines HAHA.

On the way to NTUC, I pointed out that I was wearing a yellow bag + yellow hoodie and Johnson was wearing a red bag + red hoodie and Vetra suggested we take an OOTD together HAHA but so many people judged us. D: And somehow Wei Yi managed to steal my wallet. Then we bought ingredients for Oreo Cheesecake at NTUC for the kind Wei Yi to bake for us!

Then we went home and I finished Les Miserables, which is indeed true to its name and also IMHO rather draggy. The love story between Marius and Corsette (???) was also the stupidest love story I've ever seen. And I disliked the big time jumps! Besides that, all the actors and actresses have amazing voices. My favourite voice will have to be the inspector's though!

Happy day of climbing today! I think I can safely say I've overcome my fear for leading, but that doesn't mean I'm still not uneasy doing it, nor do I prefer it over top-rope. I'm just not as scared/panicky/anxious anymore I guess! Vetra and I did all the 5C and 5C+ routes except the black route and the fluorescent yellow route on Lane 9 I think. They're supposed to be easy routes but the holds are absolutely horrible! And at one point as I tried to bite my rope to make it longer, I accidentally bit my own finger and it started bleeding quite badly. D: It still hurts now but at least it stopped bleeding! 

I can't believe I just ate myself, technically.


Okay that's all I'm exhausted and sleepy and oh dear it's SUPER past my bed time HAHA oh no. Phuket tomorrow, can't wait! :D

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