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when will my reflection show

Here is a photo of me welcoming you into the super long and epic essay about my trip to Taiwan! Please brace yourselves for many photos and many more paragraphs.

My mother's DSLR lens sucks. >:( But I'm determined to get it to work for me!

One of the main perks of going to the airport is hanging out in the Times bookstore. I love the feeling of being in the airport but I hate actually stepping aboard the plane. The airplane smell never fails to make me nauseous so I spent majority of the flight in varying states of nausea. :( In my boredom I watched The Lone Ranger, which was pretty funny but kind of stupid as well, and creeped on the dude sitting in front of me who was watching the Sherlock TV series on his laptop HAHA.

We finally arrived at the Taipei airport after 5 nauseating hours! By then I couldn't tell if I was vomitish or hungry or needed to take a dump. Eventually we made it to the food court and I had the BEST BRAISED BEEF NOODLES IN MY LIFE. If the food court beef noodles is that amazing, can you imagine how wondrous other more local beef noodles will be?? I am typing this up in bed, currently, and I am now very very hungry. My brother and I then went to the GongCha outlet situated right in the middle of the food court (7/11 and Macs were also located inside the food court...?!) to buy pearl milk tea and I think the woman asked us how much sugar we wanted but we totally couldn't understand her accent at all. :'( In the end she assumed we couldn't speak Chinese at all (EVEN THOUGH WE TRIED!!!) and communicated using awkward gestures, her calculator, and looks of abject exasperation HAHAHA omg.

Afterwards we spent an hour waiting for my aunt, uncle, grandma and granddad to touch down in the airport (they came from Malaysia), and then our hired driver drove us to the Flying Cow Ranch! Much to my disappointment, our driver wasn't a hot young man trying to earn some holiday money. Oh well. The Flying Cow Ranch didn't earn its name because its cows could fly by the way, but because it wanted to combine 'Flying Ducks' and 'Cow Ranch' into a single name and also I diDN'T KNOW DUCKS COULD FLY??? Maybe I do need a visit to the Jurong Bird Park HAHAHA

We got a cosy little cabin to ourselves for the night! Dinner was epic. We had traditional steamboat, kimchi steamboat, and MILK STEAMBOAT for dinner! Milk. MILK. The beef tasted really nice in the milk steamboat but otherwise it just tasted really weird. Also, after a while, the milk started growing skin and it was damn disgusting omg. But the rest of the steamboats were really good! Plus I don't think I've ever managed to sustain an appetite for such a long duration before. Dinner was really that good.

We were also given complimentary yogurt-milk drinks in milk bottles and they tasted DAMN GOOD and strange too but mostly good. For dessert, we were given these strange puddings which were kept in balloons shaped like eggs. We were instructed to use a toothpick and pop the balloon (kind of like how you pop the balloon used for making a paper mâché after the structure has dried) to get to the pudding. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD buuuuttttt THE PUDDING WAS FREAKING AMAZING OMGGG initially it tastes like vanilla pudding, but then it just melts on your tongue when you put it in your mouth and askdjakagsks it was wondrously amazing!!!!

We went off for our DIY Pancake Workshop after that, in which two instructors babysat us through the steps of making pancake mix. Basically you need two eggs, split the whites from the yolks, then mix the whites with some sugar...? After that we mixed that with the yolks, then with flour, then we poured the mix into the shapes we wanted our pancakes to be in and put it in the oven. It was surprisingly easy! But the result tasted more like cookies than pancakes IMO HAHA.

The soap here is made from milk. It makes my skin feel like a baby's butt.

I've been climbing trees a lot. I can't bear to imagine how lousy I'll be after missing a week's worth of training! :( And I wish I'd been there to see the climbers try and fail to do yoga HAHA the girls didn't even take any photos! :(

My first tree.

My second tree.

My third tree.

And if you'll look past the hooligans in the front, you'll see me climbing my fourth and last tree HAHAHA. And yes, that's my grandpa doing push-ups on the bench HAHAHA idek

After breakfast, my brother and I went around Flying Cow Ranch to take photos! AKA an excuse for me to be a model.

My brother also wanted to be a model.

My brother says this is a nice candid shot of me. ^o^

We encountered a cute playground.

This was like a merry-go-round except we had to do all the work, cycling the pedals HAHA. Look at my middle parting yay.

We left to feed the baby goats!

At one point an adult duck accidentally flew into the goat pen and the goats all went CRAZY chasing the duck around HAHA they were so curious! They didn't harm the duck but it seemed pretty alarmed. But I must say it was pretty stupid to fly into the pen and then forget how to fly out.

What an idiot.

I bought some duckling food as well. They had to be hand-fed and OMG IT FELT LIKE MY HAND WAS BEING EATEN ALIVE!!! Their pecking was so rough I thought I would lose the skin off my hand seriously.

After following my brother back to our cabin to take a dump and change into his contacts, we went to milk the cows! Except that we were too late so we didn't get to sexually harass the cows. On the way we realised that the adult goats could be fed fresh fallen leaves and so we spent the rest of our time feeding them!

We bought some milk sweets, checked out, and had lunch at some hawker centre selling glutinous rice and 干面, dry noodles! The bowls were really small but it was like the noodles were self-replenishing??? In the end I couldn't even finish my noodles even though the bowls were like half the normal size! It was super good though!

After a 2 hour drive, we reached the town of Sun Moon Lake and went for a couple of boat rides to and fro several islands! On the first island, we bought some tea eggs and encountered a lost dog. :( He was really tame, even though he seemed half-starved, so we fed him some eggs.

On the second island, we went exploring and bought milk tea as well as some ice cream crepes. FOOD FOOD FOOD. We also encountered this head massage thing that looks like an egg beater but wasn't connected at the end. You place on your head like you would a cap, and then you move the thing up and down. The auntie did it for me but the sensation was too overwhelming and I ended up squealing like a pig and and running away, to the amusement of several passersby. On the last boat ride back, the boat driver said I was 美丽 HAHAHA I have no shame, clearly.

The ice cream crepes that look a lot like pizza.

We checked into Redwood Cottage, a pretty old B&B, and then had dinner at another hawker centre! Dinner was pretty meh. They served frog for dinner though omg so gross. Cooked frog skin looks a lot like seaweed?!

Redwood Cottage is situated pretty deep into the forest so I'm looking forward to exploring tomorrow! MORE TREES TO CLIMB YAY.

We had breakfast outside, in the fresh morning air of the mountains! Porridge was served along with about 10 different vegetable dishes and red tea.

The lighting is horrible but isn't it pretty???

The wonderful view from what I now call the Wifi Area.

After breakfast we headed down to the pit bog, or floating lands because the lands were really literally floating, to have a groundshakingly (lol pun) good time wobbling around on the marshlands HAHA. It was pretty scary, to have the ground beneath your feet wobble so, but it was pretty thrilling as well! I imagine that's what surfing would feel like.

The wooden boards were wobbling about like nobody's business omg

I don't know why but this photo reminds me of chickens.

After that, we went cycling around the little village near Redwood Cottage! Mountains surrounded us on all sides, and the weather was just perfect for a day of cycling under the sun as the wind had a cooling touch that soothed the heat. The view was absolutely fantastic too! It was sort of like an eco+historical tour, and we were guided by Daniel, a professor's son. It didn't hurt that he was not bad looking HAHA.

Limestone pavement! The Geography student in me got super excited HAHA nerd alert.

I have no idea what this is but it's pretty so I'm putting it here.

Around the start of our tour, this HUGE black dog came bounding up and started chasing us while we cycled!! He was dragging his chains along so he was making a lot of noise. He was running really weirdly too because the chains were dragging between his two hind legs. :( He was so excited to see us though HAHA and at one point he even jumped onto my brother, our guide, and me! I almost toppled off my bicycle because he was so heavy. When he stood up on his hind legs, his head reached my shoulder. ö But he got paw prints all over my tummy and thigh. :(

Dog terrorising female human.

Dog terrorising big male human.

Dog terrorising small male human.

We cycled around for an hour I think, then we went for lunch! Our driver brought us to yet another hawker centre, but no complains here because the beef noodles there were the REAL THING holy mama they noodles were springy and perfect, the beef was tender and soft, the soup was SUPER DELICIOUS. Even despite the super large portion, I couldn't stop eating until I was super super full. Ah, that was a fantastic lunch.


After lunch, we took a cable car to the Aboriginal Cultural Village up in the mountains! AND THEN WE WENT TO THE ALADDIN PAVILION THEME PARK WOOHOOOO

Of course, after we left, we read the brochure and realised it was a theme park for kids LOLOL no wonder there were a grand total of 0 adults there, and very few teens. Nonetheless, we had a blast! We went on the UFO first, the thing that goes alllll the way up then comes plunging down! I was so taken aback by the plunge that I forgot to raise my hands in the air HAHA.

The rubbish bins were really cute.

Next, we went to the Space Mountain! It was much better in my childhood. :( Fortunately, the queue was pretty great so we managed to get in the rollercoaster really quickly. My brother sat behind me and in the middle of the ride he fREAKING TICKLE ATTACKED ME OMGWTFBBQ so I lost hold of the handlebars and I was shrieking like a little girl trying to get him to stop WHILE STILL FLYING AROUND ON THE ROLLERCOASTER HAHAHA

After that we went to the Gold Mine Adventure rollercoaster, which deceived us! We assumed it would be a normal rollercoaster but it was actually one of those wet rides! D: By the time we realised it, it was already too late to leave the queue. Me being the smart person that I am, I ducked my head during the plunges so that all the water would get on my back and everybody behind me instead of in my underwear. \O/ Unfortunately I accidentally hit my head on the boat -- I guess we're not supposed to duck HAHA.

We went on the Pirate Ship last because it seemed pretty kiddy and all, although the teenagers (who seemed to be around 13-15 years old) were screaming their heads off.

There's only so much excitement a human heart can withstand within so short a duration, so we decided to leave the theme park! On the cable car ride down, we realised that we'd already unknowingly broken 3 out of 5 rules of the cable car ride HAHA. Standing, eating, and climbing into the seats. Now we're officially international rebels.

Then we went cycling around the Sun Moon Lake! We rented bicycles and went forth on our one hour adventure. \O/

We had 32781954783 pitstops along the way to be posers HAHAH

An amusing mishap happened on the way back, in which my auntie broke her gear and almost caused the 'death' of a poor innocent couple sitting on a bench HAHA. In the end we had to call our driver to pick her and her bicycle up to bring her to the shop while the rest of us made our way back. Even though it was only 5:30PM, it was already getting dark and we could barely see the road. ;;

The bicycle shop auntie told me I was 满漂亮 HAHAHA omg I'm hoarding compliments like a pig. Anyway we had dinner afterwards! They served really good wild boar with garlic sauce and oh man it was amazing. The fish was really good too! We did a bit of shopping around afterwards (there's a freaking cafe in the 7/11 in Taiwan) and I bought some Tom Yam chips! \O/ (Which turned out kinda sucky oh well.)

Oh oh and Sun Moon Lake, or 日月潭, is called that because in the evening, you can see the setting sun at one end of the lake and the rising moon at the other end. *^* And now I'm going to bed good night!

After breakfast, we drove 1.5h to visit the Xitou National Forest Park! It probably has a Chinese name but who cares. Ironically, I haven't had a single conversation in Mandarin the whole time I've been in Taiwan because all of our guides are English-speaking. >:(

Taiwan has really great spider webs.

Anyway, my grandma's wheelchair couldn't fit in the backseat of the car because all our luggage was inside, so my brother and I drove the wheelchair up the long long slope while the rest of the family rode in our van HAHA. My brother insisted on pushing me in the wheelchair, and along the way we met this elderly couple wHO LAUGHED AT ME. 8(

My brother trying to be a model as usual.

And I climbed this wooden structure thing for fun.

My brother failed at this point because he lost his balls.

As we headed up the trail, I tried my hand at pushing my grandma up the slope in her wheelchair and needless to say, after 5 metres or so, I died. This old woman walked past me and suggested I wheel my grandma in an 'S' shaped fashion, which was pretty smart IMO (how did I not think of it first?!) but by then I was so tired it didn't really make a very big difference HAHA.

Yep, it was pretty cool! I even set my own V1 boulder route, called The Elysian. Here's a step-to-step guide on how to climb the easiest boulder route on earth.

1. Look pretty standing in front of the boulder to boost your own self-esteem.

2. Get in the starting position.

3. Stand up and step up with your left foot.

4. Step up with your right foot and do a mini sit-in, while making sure your feet and hands don't slide on the slippery moss covering the rock.

5. Finish the route and look pretty while standing on top of the boulder to boost your self-esteem even further for having accomplished the world's easiest route!

My brother also attempted the route but he couldn't make the last move so I guess the route isn't THAT easy HAHAHA.

Guess who took this awesome tumblresque photo.


We took tea break at the big hut at the end of the trail! The tea eggs in Taiwan are really good. *^* And the bread they sell in Taiwan is freaking good too! They have milk bread, honey bread, etc and they ALL TASTE SO YUMMY!!!

As we headed back down the trail, we came across a Caucasian woman! ö She was hiking all by herself, and her back was hunched over. My grandpa chatted a little with her and we found out that she's 81 years old!!! ö

Wait actually come to think of it I'm not sure if it was a man or a woman hAHAHA

We left for lunch at this nice wooden restaurant. Lunch was okay! I was too full from our tea break to eat much. :( AND I ACCIDENTALLY ATE PIG'S BELLY WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT IT WAS OMG it tasted really gross and soft like fat. At the restaurant, I accidentally hit my head on the toilet cubicle door knob because the door was so close to the toilet seat. D: And the toilet smelled like milk tea?!

Then we had a freaking 4 hour long ride and arrived in Taipei around 7PM. Our hotel, Dandy Hotel, is pretty cool and fab for a 3 star hotel! It has a little bit of a Japanese touch, and every level has different themes! For example, Level 5 is Russian themed, and Level 8 is Taiwan themed. And the light switches are touch sensors SO COOL.

Along the way we passed a part of the sea that's consisted of two different colours -- brown and blue. ö I have no idea what causes this phenomenon but it's pretty cool!

Someone had the brilliant idea to go to the Taipei night market for dinner, and the entire experience was a nightmare. The crowd was just abysmal! I felt so stifled and suffocated. :( Imagine trying to walk around in a crowd as dense as the kinds you get into in the MRT at peak hour. Yeah. In the end we decided to dabao all our food and head back to Dandy Hotel to eat them because we still have another 3 nights ahead of us to shop!

I watched White House Down in our hotel room and it was pretty good! Action-packed with a nice touch of humour, though not very realistic. Besides, Channing Tatum is hot. :Q__

Due to the rain, the entire day was pretty miserable. :( We went first to the 九份, the old streets of Taipei, but the crowds were carrying umbrellas and it was wet and cold and I was horribly underdressed! So after aggressively tolerating the crowd for like 15 minutes, I gave up and my mum and I left the crowded shopping streets for the main street to go to the toilet.

Although it was still raining and we were getting hit left right and centre by umbrellas gone astray, my mum and I did our own shopping in the shops by the main street! There was an animal-themed shop that was really cute. We bought a snack, then picked up my grandma and went into a cafe for some camomile and raspberry tea to wait for the rest of the family! In spite of the fact that I never liked tea very much, I found the tea quite delicious!

We left then for Cat Town, but I was cold and damp and sleepy so I opted to stay in the van with my grandma and brother. Eventually we left to drop by this cat-themed shop that sold everything cat and had cats wandering around! There were even cats sitting inside a TV console. ö I can't decide whether the song playing inside the shop was cute or immensely irritating HAHA it was Silent Night sung in meows, so the whole song was literally meow meowmeow meowww, meow meowmeow meowww etc omg

Afterwards we went to 十分 (ikr what a strange name) to see the floating lanterns LIKE THE ONE IN TANGLED WITH THE FLOATING LIGHTS OMG AHDKDJAKSKAHSJL but unfortunately it wasn't anywhere near as magical as I'd hoped. :( It was still light, for one thing, and after the lanterns were lit and floated up, they'd come falling back down after like 20 minutes!

Then we went to the train tracks to take photos!

Being posers as usual.

My mother and I. <3

I lost my balance and almost fell backwards HAHA.

At one point, the signal for the train went off so we rushed off the tracks BUT THEN WE REALISED MY GRANDMA WAS STILL ON THE TRACKS AND THE TRAIN WAS COMING IN THE DISTANCE and she was like "没有人来救我?!" HAHAHA so my aunt and I went back in to pull her off the tracks before the train came.

We went for dinner at Ximending (???) and the shop was super crowded and THE AUNTIE SCOLDED ME OMG she told me off for not sitting down. ;; After dinner we left to shop~~~! Only my brother, mum and I stayed behind to shop; the rest of the family went back to the hotel.

We shopped for 2.5 hours and I bought pants from Uniqlo and a grey cardigan for myself, as well as a pretty blue pullover hoodie for Clarence! We weren't exactly at the night markets so the clothes weren't very cheap, but I got the hoodie at a damn good price of around S$11!

Our cab driver got lost taking us back to Dandy Hotel. Speaking of drivers, Taiwanese drivers are REALLY DANGEROUS they swerve everywhere and sometimes on the way to the mountains the roads are so narrow, the vehicles passing each other are often only a hand's width apart. ;; Thankfully the driver was really nice about getting lost and took 60元 off our cab fare!

It was extremely windy today. We drove to Yangmingshan National Park to walk the Arrow Bamboo trail to see Mt. Datun and Mt. 七星 and their volcanic material and sulfur gases! The Geography student in me went a bit crazy HAHAHA I'm gonna impress Ms Ting next year with my volcano photos and maybe then she'll retract her bimbo statement!!

A puddle of boiling hot water. 8D

More smokey sulfur!

Mt. 七星 got its name because it has seven peaks around its crater (which was still smoking at that point, but I don't think it's active), and Mt. Datun had undergone so much weathering and erosion that its shape had developed more into a ridge than a volcanic cone.

Afterwards we left for the Qingtiangang trial where there were rolling hills and fields everywhere! There were cattle grazing in the fields, and there was actually a sign that warned us not to enter the fields and disturb the cattle but everyone thought that the places that had broken in the fence were actually entrances so the fields were swarmed with tourists HAHA.

A really cool bamboo trail that mostly sheltered us from the wind HAHA.

It was taller than us. Ö

My aunt asked me to stand near a cattle to pose for a photo BUT THE FREAKING CATTLE MOOED AT ME AND I WAS SO SCARED I RAN AWAY HAHA and it stared at my aunt for a while before returning back to its grazing. I had this image in mind of all the cattle in the field turning into wild bulls and charging at us all, so I left. ;; Oh and the field was really gross, with cow dung every two steps ew.

This bitch scared the shit outta me.

It looks like she's sitting on the cow, doesn't it.

We lunched at this mountainside fancy restaurant called The Top that cost us an exorbitant price of 6600元. After doing the calculations though, it's only actually S$35 per person, which is super worth the 16 dishes we ordered. The food and view were fantastic! But the real bonus to me was the hot male waiters. *^*

Rose milk tea and vanilla milk tea!

The view from the restaurant!

Of course my brother and I couldn't resist another photoshoot at the stairs of the restaurant HAHAHA I have been such a good influence.

Anyway, after lunch we headed to 亲人桥, the Lovers' Bridge, to watch the sunset! We even managed to witness two marriage proposals. There were several stalls set up on the bridge as well that specialised in drawing people, so one merely had to sit in front of the artist for around 20min to get a drawing of oneself. Some of the artists were really spot-on. ö

The sunset was magnificent! I've never seen the sun as a flaming ball before. Many dogs all dressed up in winter outfits ran freely along the bridge; they were super cute. I miss Timmy. :'( Toy poodles seem to be the most popular breed in Taiwan!

Staring off wistfully into the sunset while thinking sentimentally of my lover back home in Singapore. <3

Of course I couldn't resist this.

Or this.

Of course it was my brilliant idea to use the lamp to block the sun's blinding rays as well as make it look like it's the lamp that's shining.

Naturally this was my idea as well.

As well as this.


The gorjez setting sun!

Walking around the old streets of 淡水, I bought myself a fake branded wallet and a couple of souvenirs for my friends! There was a shop that sold whistling porcelain musical instruments that were really small and pretty but I didn't buy one, though I kind of wish I had.

After driving back to the hotel, we went for dinner at a nearby roadside shop! I think we walked about 1.5km actually, but the weather was really nice and chilly and good to walk in! I tried their 牛肉炒面 which was pretty soupy for fried noodles but it was actually really tasty! And it cost only S$3.50, a pretty low price for such a large portion. 8D

Yup then we went back to the hotel and watched The Greatest, a depressing movie about a family dealing with the death of the older brother and the pregnancy of his girlfriend. It was good, overall, but not to my taste. The hotel wifi was being super sporadic. >:(

I broke the camera. :((( My brother left me sitting alone because he needed to go back up to the hotel to shit, so to combat the loneliness I left my seat to sit at my mum's table, but in doing so I managed to accidentally knock my bag off my lap and onto the floor!!! D: The glass of the camera lens had broken, but apart from that the lens seemed unscathed. Sigh.

A violinist performed for us during the hotel breakfast! He played a classic (I think) as well as covered Beautiful by One Direction, and every time we applauded him he would have this really small and surprised smile of happiness on his face. I think it's really great that seems to enjoy performing for an audience, no mater how small.

We went to this place called Mr Brown which specialises in brewing coffee I think...? Our driver treated us to brunch. <3 Fresh prawn goes really well with wasabi and soya sauce! We bought 3-in-1 milk tea and coffee, as well as some whisky. #BADASS

After that we went for lunch next to the sea! It was a seafood course and it was GOOD although I can't remember what we ate HAHA. I think I've fallen in love with prawn in soya sauce and wasabi really. OH AND I ACCIDENTALLY ATE SEA SNAIL BC I DIDNT KNOW WHAT IT WAS AND MY FAMILY REFUSED TO TELL ME YUCK. It was kinda chewy and tasted like squid.

The adults then went shopping at the shops selling sea stuffs near the seaside while my brother and I wandered around aimlessly. Eventually I plopped myself down somewhere and read Allegiant. Many shops placed metal woks of water in the front -- apparently it's supposed to be good for the fengshui! Children frequently came to rub the handles of the woks to make the water inside jump in spouts, and I managed to apply resonance and stationary waves to this phenomenon HAHA #nerd

Oh, we also saw this dude slice an eel in half and dig out its innards. The eel's skull was so hard that he had to hammer the huge gigantic parang on its head before it broke in half EWWW. Then he dug out the eyes and the brain and it was at this point that we left because it was too gruesome HAHA.

Next, we visited the National Museum of Traditional Arts and attempted to watch an opera but failed majestically because it was too boring and I didn't understand what they were saying HAHA. It was a whole lot of boring cultural stuff, but it was pretty fun still! I really really like the cold weather in Taiwan. We bought sticks of candied fruits that were entirely too sweet. They were like lollipops that had juice inside! The first bite was amazing but we quickly got sick of it soon after. :(

We had roast chicken for dinner! The roast chicken was fab, but I think I preferred the soup which tasted a lot like miso soup heh. I also tried smelly tofu for the first time in my life, but the tofu they served us really wasn't that smelly! ö It was good, although when you put it in your mouth you can sort of taste a whiff of the stinkiness.

We went to the night market afterwards, where I bought clothes for Velfin! I spent so much time shopping for them that I didn't buy anything for myself though, which I greatly regret. :(

The last day! :( We had soba noodles for breakfast, which was deeelicious! I think I'll eat soba more often, now that I've discovered my new love for soba. Since I felt so sad that I didn't buy anything at the night market, I accompanied my aunt and uncle to the nearby shopping mall with my brother, but to my horror, the prices there were around TEN TIMES that in the night market, such that the cheapest clothing there was S$50. ;; So I didn't get anything at all in the end SIGH.

Then we had our hour long drive to the airport where we parted ways and ate a super late lunch. Oh, we met a pretty cool stranger dude whom I accidentally bumped into while queuing to check in and dropped my phone but he was really cool about it. He grew up in Taiwan and lives in the US, super coolz. I wonder why people from the West are always so much more keen to make new friends than people from Asia?

When our plane started its dive down to Singapore, we flew into a cloud THAT FLASHED MULTIPLE TIMES WITH LIGHTNING AROUND US OMG SO COOL. Of course, the turbulence part that came next was pretty scary because the shaking was quite violent. Then we touched down safely and home sweet home. <3

Overall it was a wonderful trip and one of the happiest weeks of my life! Some of the places I really really want to go to is anywhere in the US (preferably with theme parks) and Paris and Venice and England.

Now it's back to homework NOOOOO. Well since I'm already here I might as well talk about yesterday, 20 November, my first training after the Taiwan trip! As expected, I deteriorated quite a bit. :( We had to do 6 rounds of endurance routes + 2 routes on the high wall on top-rope, thank God! Vetra and I paired off, and I fell off twice omg noooo. We went outside then to do the overhang route on the high wall, and I'm pleased to say that I managed to complete the brown route again! :D Although I had to take a 5 minute break after getting past the overhang because that shit is scary and energy-consuming. So I was just hanging there, enjoying the view... WHEN SUDDENLY VETRA DROPPED ME LIKE 10CM NOOOOO it meant that I had to do the overhang again HAHA. Then Johnson taught us how to pull ourselves up the rope so I didn't have to redo the overhang HAHAHA YAY but it really got my fingers sore! I got stuck at the very last move of the route too but I managed to get it eventually! :D With the help of Vetra's flawless belaying, of course. <3

We went back in to finish our endurance routes. We did the 15 degree wall next and, for a route that I set, I performed MISERABLY. :'( The worst part was that I couldn't figure out how to do my favourite part from when I set it SIGH. We moved on next to the 30 degree wall and I gave up at tile 24 I think. Afterwards we moved back out to the high wall to do the flat wall route. I'm quite proud to say that I managed to complete half of the blue route, a progression from the last time I tried the blue route! (Which admittedly was like half a year ago but, you know, an accomplishment's an accomplishment!)

MG forced us to do the tsunami wall endurance route (our original plan was to repeat the other three walls' routes and completely ignore the tsunami wall HAHA) and we only managed the first 11 tiles HAHAHA sigh we suck. I managed to squeeze in one more endurance route on the flat wall, and I'm happy to say that I only fell once! I did it super slowly though because I kept resting on the wall to conserve energy HAHA.

We went for dinner at Burger Shack next! We were supposed to eat Johnson's cake for dessert I think, but we forgot oops. We had a really hilarious conversation about whether the chicken or the egg came first, and we agreed on the egg, but then I brought up "where did the egg come from" and Jia Shen said "maybe it was originally a dinosaur egg" and then we started debating on whether the dinosaur came first or the dinosaur egg came first HAHAHA overall it was a hilarious dinner! Miss Gao was super unamused.

Alright that's all! It's been ages since I blogged and I am officially exhausted.

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