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past the point of no return

HEYYYY GUYS HAVE YOU MISSED ME? I know one of you have. ;) Okay let's start this long and laborious process of regaling all the good things that have happened in my life so that future-me will look back and read this and remember all the happy things!

12 OCTOBER 2013
Daryl very kindly invited us to his house to swim! Of course, him being a boy and the climbers being mostly boys, I should have gone there knowing that a good portion of the time would be spent playing xbox HAHA.

I learnt that I absolutely suck balls at Halo (although I make good bait) and that squash is really really fun. I think I might enjoy squash a lot more if I had more time to play it. The security guard at Daryl's condo was really scary though. :( He came to watch us for a bit while we played squash, and then he eventually scolded us for making too much noise. A granny and her granddaughter stopped to watch us too! Johnson, Isaac and Daryl were the best few; Prem showed a lot of promise, if only he would stop using his tennis techniques; and I was just like... I don't even know what I was doing there ok HAHA.

A point to note: never play squash without proper shoes because you'll get splinters like me. :'(

After that we went swiiiimming! Initially it was pretty awkward (for me at least) because, like, I have never been around that many shirtless guys before in my life. Except maybe kindergarten where boys and girls all had to bathe naked with each other and the only thing we worried about was whose hair dried the fastest. But the moment we hit the water (I was smart enough to get in the water before one of the boys pushed me, ha) all of us kind of forgot our awkwardness and basically we descended several rungs in the ladder of maturity and it was like WATER WARRRRR SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH there goes any hope of keeping my hair neatly in place.

The funniest part was when Prem told us he couldn't swim and tried to imitate a breast stroke except he looked like he was HAVING a stroke in the water HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA omg I was laughing uncontrollably and the security guard kept looking at us weirdly. :'D We had a mini swimming competition in which I accidentally kicked Yunxuan LOLOL and then we played on the slide! Naturally, we were the only teenagers around, and a few of us got stuck on the slide because we were too heavy (not me though I am flawless) and then we got bored and went back to the pool.

I showed them my somersault into the pool, and Daryl tried it but he hurt his back HAHAHA. We had a holding-breath-underwater competition too, which I lost because I accidentally bumped into someone while floating so I ended up laughing, thus losing all of my oxygen. We messed around some more, Prem got super hyper, then we bathed and went back to Daryl's house to play Fifa!

All in all it was a super fun time and I can't wait for our next swimming adventure!

14 OCTOBER 2013
Our first official climbing session in the gym! It was the first day we learnt how to lead-climb. We were on top-rope as well as lead, so we were perfectly safe despite having completely incompetent lead belayers. How lead works: the climber has a whole bunch of quickdraws attached to his/her gear loop and as s/he climbs up, a quickdraw is hooked into a little hoop (?) that's attached to the wall at every panel (which is every 1 metre interval I think), and the climber's rope is then looped into the carabiner that dangles from the quickdraw. Okay this is too technical.

Anyway, despite it being my first time climbing the high wall in MONTHS, I think it went pretty well! I managed to top the flat wall (though admittedly I rainbowed up HAHA) and to be honest I think the unclipping of quickdraws from the wall is more troublesome + took more time than the actual climbing.

Afterwards we went for dinner at that Thai place whose name I can never remember. I was the only girl (again) and I tried Pad Thai instead of my usual Tom Yam. But I regretted not getting the Tom Yam. AND THE PAD THAI GAVE ME DIARRHEA TOO. >:( You know what, cheap and delicious as the food may be, I am not sacrificing my delicate bowel system for that Thai place again.

18 OCTOBER 2013
Dinner with the climbers at Saizeriya (again, how does one spell this word)! It was fun although I can't remember much except that Tan Hui and I were the only girls and we were abusing the free flow of drinks a lot hehe.

20 OCTOBER 2013
Since WR deadline had just passed and I had lots of free time, I decided to accompany the poor sick Rachel all the way to Eunos from Commonwealth in the afternoon! This was also in repayment for all the times she patiently accompanied me while I studied even though she had nothing to study. ♥

The MRT ride was pretty long but we spent it quite eventfully catching up! MRT rides have never seemed so short. Eunos looked really familiar; apparently I had been there before during Sec 3, but alas my memory fails me EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ONLY 2 YEARS AGO WTH once again it becomes all the more important that I write everything that's happened within these pivotal years down.

21 OCTOBER 2013
We had intensified PT that day. Initially Jups and MG wanted the girls to run 2x road run route but we decided unanimously that that was overkill, so we shortened it to the guys' route instead HAHA. I think we did pretty well! 

THEN WE CLIMBED A TREE!!! Or, more specifically, Vetra and I climbed a tree while Fang spotted and Tan Hui did nothing but laugh at the sidelines. >8( Okay, I can't even say I climbed the tree because really I ran up, clung to the sides, and couldn't figure out how to come down. Like a cat. I made a fool of myself omg HAHAHA but it was certainly an experience to remember! 

The girls wanted to take a nice group shot with the track and the field as our back drop but the guys came in and ruined the picture. >:( And I'm too lazy to send the photos to the computer heh.

22 OCTOBER 2013
Girls' night outttt~! Since my mother was trying to use up her groupons, Vetra, Tan Hui, Fang and I went to Dempsey Hill to use the groupon for this restaurant called CA* California! It was a pretty atas place with really nice backdrops.

We encountered a lovely reflective ball that made us all look fat and deformed. 

 We encountered a really nice black and white wall that apparently would be nice for OOTDs (but since I don't take OOTDs I don't really get why).

This really reminds me of the Pitch Perfect album cover!
 Also, for entertainment, take a look at Huiyin's face HAHAHAHAHAHA

The place was all decked up for Halloween! It was pretty confusing because it shared the same space as B&J, so we spent a couple awkward minutes hanging around... trying to figure out where to sit...... until finally a waitress asked if we were staying for dinner and very kindly gave us menus HAHA

The Breakfast pizza! I can't remember it's full name but boy was it good. :Q__

This pizza had margherita in it. But according to Fang, that isn't always alcohol, so. This wasn't as good as I'd hoped, but with a lot of cheese and spice sprinkled onto it, it was still pretty delicious! 

By the time we'd finished our food, we were surprisingly quite full! We asked for the bill and turns out we still had $9 left to spare (the groupon was $60) so we decided to buy a Safe Sex On The Beach, which is a mocktail, although I totally understand how bad a decision that was now. OH WELL. Sometimes you just gotta learn things the hard way. For some reason it tasted of pandan...?!

And it was so awkward ordering it from the waitress omg the original plan was to point at the menu and say "I want this please" but because we'd stood up to buy B&J ice cream and I just happened to bump into the waitress, I had to order it verbally (I'd closed the menu) DDD: I actually giggled while saying, GIGGLED.

Also I think the waitress hated us because we were being so troublesome. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be their break time, as we had arrived pretty early at around 5 HAHA whoops sorry. 

There were swings outside! Unfortunately, the swing that Huiyin and I sat on kept creaking ominously, like the chains were breaking or something omg. 

Family portrait! Short-hairs on top, long-hairs below.

We wanted to take a photo as we left CA* California, BUT WE FORGOT THAT THE DSLR WAS ON TIMER so we ended up having to walk and wait 10 seconds before the camera took the photo HAHA and this is the story behind the blur photo. 

All in all it was a wonderful day spent gossiping, ranting and scheduling our outings. :D 10th November guys, don't forget!! 

25 OCTOBER 2013
The day I lead-climbed the roof. 

The moment I put my hands and feet on the wall, I was already short of breath. Quickly, I climbed the first three panels and, completely out of the blue, a thought flashed through my mind: What if I fall now, without being on belay? Of course I didn't, but that did nothing to soothe my nerves. Lead-climbing had elicited great fear within me, for it was the climbing that scared me most, and the fall that gave me relief. 

Lacking my usual audacity, I climbed to the roof without any mishaps. By then I was already trembling slightly with trepidation. I called down to Jups, "I don't think I can do it". I was starting to hyperventilate. I didn't know what it was I was so afraid of; I just knew one thing: I did not want to fall. I was terrified. What if the rope snapped? What if I hadn't clipped myself in properly? What if Jerryl just happened to have been caught off guard the moment I fell? 

I was perfectly safe, of course; I knew this, logically. But what the heart fears, the mind can never conquer. My hands were sweating. Any time now, I would slip. I was losing control, I couldn't think straight. My limbs were shaking uncontrollably. Tightening my right arm, I swung out with my left, hoping to reach the tile just slightly out of reach. I missed, and I fell, shrieking. About 4 metres down, I stopped falling and hit the side-wall.

It was just the rush of adrenaline I needed. Once I had confirmed that the rope was indeed intact, that I was clipped in properly, and Jerryl was an effective belayer, I lost all of my previous fears. I took a few minutes to rest, and climbed back up. This time I brought my right foot higher up on the wall. Swinging out on my right, I managed to grab hold of the tile with my left hand. Victory! Alas, my hands proved their worth in perspiration, and in attempting to move my right hand to the tile above, I slipped off and fell again. 

HAHAHA wow I haven't written narrative in super long! Anyway, yeah, that's pretty much what I experienced yesterday! It's exhilarating really. The climb really is more scary than the fall, too. I'm glad I made it past the roof, at least. Kudos to Jups too, for being such a calm and composed trainer. (Better than MG IMO, who only makes me panic more with her screaming). 

Oh, there was this really funny part where Jerryl climbed up, fell from the roof, and realised he needed chalk but didn't have his chalk bag with him. So he waited till Johnson climbed up, stole Johnson's chalk, then accidentally dropped it all the way down HAHAHA. Jerryl was really good though! I could see he was shaking pretty badly, but he managed to finish the roof-wall after so little training and in his school shoes. Ö

I attempted the endurance route on the tsunami wall too, but I failed spectacularly omg I suck. But Johnson is quite a smart navigator of limbs, to help me get past a move despite my horrible climbing ability HAHA. Sadly, I didn't get to boulder much beside that. :( Jups gave us a really cool climbing handbook too! Which... I broke 5 seconds into receiving it LOLOL oh well. 

And that's all there is to say! I spent 2 hours on this - an improvement! Hmm, Chinese 'A' levels is this coming Monday and I still haven't started revising. I should be worried, but... I really couldn't care less omg this is such a horrible attitude I know but at once it's also very refreshing. I've never allowed myself to slack off like this before. It's actually very illuminating.  

I just watched Pacific Rim too, and I gotta say that 1. The plot is interesting but 2. The actors suck and 3. The character development was almost non-existent?! But I like that they didn't turn the relationship between the two main characters into a romantic one, which is so overdone and cliche anyway. 

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