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heaven: hev-uh n (noun) a place or state of supreme happiness

I think I need another entry to make up for the utterly dismal tone of my previous entry! I did some self-reflecting just now (guess where I did it) and I have come to the conclusion that I am unnecessarily stressed out over something that is not only completely temporary but also absolutely useless in the grand scheme of things I mean c'mon

Also I think it's primarily because I dislike being mediocre. Which is ironic, really, because I am and will probably always remain mediocre at everything I do, seeing as I'm not very talented in any particular area OR MAYBE I JUST HAVEN'T DISCOVERED MY TALENT YET!!!

Anyway, here's the update on the ongoings of my not-so-interesting life. Future me, I hope you appreciate the time and effort I've spent on keeping this thing alive.

Kellie's early birthday celebration!!! I managed to spoil the surprise for that as well. I don't even know how it happens or why I've managed to maintain my 100% success rate at destroying birthday surprises.

Happy belated birthday sexy.

I met Rachel and Gin at Yew Tee MRT and despite having been there before... I totally did not recognise the place LOLOL but hey I think it's a really nice neighbourhood! Although why they must put the taxi stand all the way at the other side of the MRT station I fail to comprehend. The official plan was to meet Kellie at Jurong East MRT at 10AM, so Gin, Rachel and I decided to surprise Kellie at her home at 8AM instead! House visits are the best surprises because you get to see your friend in their natural habitat with no frills.

Gin, ever the natural actress, volunteered to call Kellie on the phone (just to make sure that she was awake/decent) under the guise of having been kicked out of her house by her dad?! After which we stationed ourselves outside Kellie's door, armed with her cake and balloon. It's a pity we didn't video it! But I don't think Kellie was very surprised oh well that part isn't my fault!

I let the cat out of the bag because one of the suggestions for lunch was to cook lunch in Kellie's home and I said, "But what about Bel and Steph??" and... yeah. The other part of the surprise was Hannah, Bel and Steph's appearance at Kellie's celebration heh... heh...

Then we waited for Kellie to get ready AND THIS PRINCESS TOOK LIKE 1.5 HOURS TO GET READY WTF?????????? While she primped, we took more photos YAY

How horrendous are my eyebags omg

I THINK THIS IS A REALLY COOL PHOTO guess who came up with the idea

Me trying to imitate those hipster emo photos on Tumblr but look at my elephantine thighs oh god immediate failure!!!

FINALLY Kellie was ready, and thus we proceeded to the MRT! Gin decided that she'd rather spend the rest of her time studying in Orchard than eating lunch with us and so she left halfway through DIS BIJ. We met Bel at the MRT and surprised Steph inside Paper Market (she seemed really exhausted though. :( Probably because she stayed up the whole night before that watching the F1 race!!!) and then we headed off to Tiong Bahru Bakery! Which is.......... funnily enough........................ not in Tiong Bahru?!??? I hate it when people aren't straightforward with their directions.

Hannah found us at Tiong Bahru Bakery and yup, we had a lovely lunch!


I don't know why it always takes us such a long time to find someone who fits our "group photo-taking" requirement HAHAHA

Went for Thai dinner with the climbers. At this point I was really stressed out over promos, so I'm glad we had this dinner when we did. It definitely helped to relieve some of the stress!

On the other hand, I woke up in the middle of that night with explosive diarrhea. 8(

And today (or yesterday seeing as it is already 1AM) I went to school for Physics and Chem consultations and holy crap I had the worst headache ever! Imagine battling Physics with a drum pounding your skull mercilessly. Ugh. Taking panadol + eating caifan helped to alleviate the pain a little, but it all came back after a few hours. :( Sorry I couldn't wait for you to end school today Vetra!!
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I woke up in the middle of that night with explosive diarrhea

Did you wake up in a pool of your own diarrhea.
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Sama sama.