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Promos will swoop in in approximately two weeks, and in the mad scramble for time and studies, I've decided to take a little break to write about my life. I'm getting better at this blogging dedication; perhaps it's a mark of my slow journey towards discipline!

National Day celebrations in school was as boring as boring gets. I sat with Tong instead of my house because I'm c00l like that, and we spent most of the time talking about stupid things. Afterwards I met the climbers in the canteen and we left school... until I realised that I'd left my shoe bag in school!!! Fortunately we were only one bus stop away from school so Johnson, Isaac, Prem and Yunxuan got off and accompanied me back to school.

I thought I'd left it in the canteen, but when I got there, MY SHOE BAG WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND and I spent the next fifteen minutes scampering around school desperately looking for my shoe bag. Mentally, I traced my steps and eventually I arrived to the conclusion that I'd left my shoe bag in the hall, so I went up to the deserted hall and forced my way in through a faulty locked door (I hope I wasn't caught on security camera because I'm pretty sure that counts as a serious offense aHAHA). I didn't know where the light switches were so I basically looked around the hall in the darkness with the aid of my iPhone torchlight.

Eventually the boys came up to help as well and we decided to look in the hall again. Yunxuan wondered what we would do if a ghost pounced out at us while we searched the small rooms behind the corners of the hall, that asshole. After searching the corners, we proceeded backstage, where what was left of the outside light diminished entirely and we were left with our only sources of light being our iPhones. But the pitch black darkness soon became overbearing and every time I looked away from the light, my vision would go grey and start to swim. I think someone took the light from me because I remember completely losing my sense of direction and experiencing a split second of panic. I quickly lashed out my hands and found solace in one of the guys' forearms, then Johnson flipped on the backstage lights because he's a genius HAHAHA.

In the end we turned up empty handed. We made a few desperate phone calls and turns out my shoe bag had been with Szujin all along! Thank God.

Anyway it was only one week after this incident when I realised that that day had actually been the first day of the ghost month HAHAHA.

Afterwards we had lunch at Just Acia in Plaza Sing, then we left to train at Kinetics! I am pretty heavily inclined towards this gym because 1) a lot of the routes are ridiculously easy and 2) it's one of the best ways to measure the extent of my improvement, climbing-wise, because the routes don't change much and I'd noticed that I managed to top/get further in quite a number of the routes that I had a lot of difficulties doing in the past.

That aside, I still can't do the red-yellow route I've been struggling with the past few months. I need to learn to swing and aim properly! One of the NUS climbers was really nice and friendly and tried to help me with this route but unfortunately my lack of talent in climbing impeded my progress to the top. 8(

Afterwards, a couple of us went for dinner at the food market nearby and I swear half of the people seated at the table were down with the flu or about to catch the flu HAHAHA.

4G3 was talking about a class meet-up at Botanic Gardens that day, and I offered to come along because the turn-up seemed pretty dismal + I wanted to see Aiko again. My mum very nicely sent me to Botanic Gardens MRT, after which I called Aiko to ask for her whereabouts only to have her tell me that she had gotten lost HAHA. We took a look at the map and decided to meet at the Visitors Centre, which was in the centre of Botanic Gardens, because she'd very cleverly taken the bus to the wrong side of Botanic Gardens!! I almost got lost myself, but in the end I managed my way pretty well heh.

There were a lot of people having picnics on the grass and it all seemed really serene and pretty and relaxing and maybe I'll go there some day to do the same with my lover with my friends!

I tried climbing a tree in Botanic Gardens, but I must say I didn't do so as glamorously or proficiently as I imagined HAHA.

Deepa and Tiana came as well, and we had lunch at Food for Thought (WHICH IS FREAKING EXPENSIVE AHSKDKSH) where I ate my first ratatouille, although I was actually pretty disappointed by its small portion and lack of style. :( Anyway, it was a pleasure talking Aiko (as always) and catching up with Tiana and Deepa! Especially Tiana, who is still as pure and innocent as ever. And apparently I really DID get more bimbotic since I entered life as a JC student sobs


The Conjuring!!! Initially I had my qualms about watching a horror movie of such highly recommended fright elements, but afterwards I just felt really excited.

Johnson, Isaac, Yunxuan and I studied for about an hour at Orchard, then we headed to Macs for a super unhealthy lunch because someone was in an unhealthy mood......... and then it was THE CONJURING TIME!!! The boys were being useless and stuffed me to the side, next to an empty seat, while they cuddled up with each other beside me during the movie. All I had was my school bag to hug. :| What horrible people. Nonetheless, the thrills were really awesome; it felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. A lot of loose strings weren't tied up though, but that's because there's going to be a sequel about the Annabelle doll yessssss

Since we felt that we required each others' company after the horror movie, we went to Kinokuniya to brush off some of the fear. I learnt there that Marvel's heroes come in all shapes and sizes, like Ant Man AHAHA he must be the saddest superhero on earth.

The first Youth Connect event in which I participated as a committee member! I'd done up the score board and was the official camera man of the day, but it was still pretty boring. On the bright side, I got to eat FREE FLOW OF SEAWEED YESSSSSSS

Laser tag taught me a couple things of myself. Firstly, my penchant to shriek like a little girl has increased exponentially since I joined climbing (I used to be a cool kid in secondary school ok); secondly, I have the slowest reflexes in the world; and thirdly, when you think you're safe, THAT'S WHEN YOU'RE LEAST SAFE. I actually didn't do as poorly as I expected though!

Honestly I would probably be one of the first people to die in a gun fight. There go my dreams of being a police woman or any kind of useful, life-saving person in the future. 

Judged for Climb a Muerte, a lead-climb carnival in which my cute photographer participated and got 7th position. 8D Judging is a pretty invigorating experience because I always feel so professional with the climbers' score sheets in my hands HAHA. Initially I was pretty anxious because I had no idea how to go about judging a route, but eventually I got the hang of it as well as copious amounts of ink on my fingers and nose. :( 

Halfway through it started raining, so Johnson, Isaac and I retired indoors where we proceeded to make a lot of noise and disturb the J2 judges who were studying for their prelims oops sorry!!! After about an hour, we were chased out of the room because there was going to be a Taekwondo lesson there or something, and we went about our usual hobo procedures. I don't know how but things escalated in no time to Isaac molesting Johnson while I sat at the side and pretended not to enjoy the sight HAHAHA. Afterwards Isaac taught us this game where two people stand facing each other, palms pressed against palms. The objective of the game was to knock your opponent of his or her feet by slapping/pushing against the opponent's hands. I won the first few games because girls naturally have a lower centre of gravity, but then Isaac figured out my secret and I ended up losing epically to the both of them. 8( 

It stopped raining and we went back to judging, and it was a really good, educational experience! Watching so many climbers lead-climb with ease (there were freaking 10 year old kids climbing like it was a walk in the park for them) made me marginally less scared about training for L2 after promos! 

FINALLY MET UP WITH HEAVEN!!! Even though only 5 out of 7 could make it, I was really happy to catch up with them again. They make me feel contented with life and supremely grateful for the friends I have. 

I met up with Rachel at Holland V to study a bit at Wendy's (at which she majestically spilled an entire cup of coke such that we were forced to make a Great Wall of Tissue that didn't do anything to stop the coke from spreading everywhere and the poor cleaner mopped it up really angrily HAHAHA) and get the cake (we had so much difficulties finding a nice cake because apparently there aren't any nice cakeries in Holland V) and then we met up with Bel to prepare the birthday surprise!

Bel and I were supposed to be the surprise while Rachel was going to 'act late' so that Gin could steer Steph in the correct direction so that she wouldn't see us sneaking up on her with the cake. We started singing the birthday song and she turned around and YAY the surprise was a success! Though I must say nothing can quite live up to the birthday surprise Rachel and I gave her in Sec 2. 

Then we headed into Hatched for dinner!

We spent the majority of the time talking about boys and their horrible traits (or more like Steph and Gin talked about their boibois while Rach, Bel and I sat there and listened sympathetically/empathetically). We stayed there for quite a while and honestly I think we were being a huge nuisance what with all the loud expressions of disgust/horror/disdain; then we decided to go for dessert! 

But before we went for ice cream, we decided to take a group photo next to a tree because I thought it would be a good idea. For some reason, we had a hard time asking for people to help us take the photo... probably because ALL OF US ARE COWARDS.

Gin had to leave because she needed to study (oh my) and so the four of us went to find Hard Rock Cafe in search of ice cream............. only to realise that it had been closed down. D: In the end we were forced to satisfy our ice cream cravings at Häagen-Dazs. My experience there has taught me one thing - the ice cream is so expensive not because it's really that good but because the service and couches there are reeeeeeally comfortable HAHA I think I could've fallen asleep in the couch. 

Mango sorbet with vanilla and cookies and cream (I think!). Such small portions. >:( I've never eaten ice cream that slowly before.

While the climbers participated in PA Carnival in Far East Plaza, I was enjoying the Phantom of the Opera at MBS with the family! First, we enjoyed a wonderfully atas and delicious meal at this restaurant called Artease (I think...) which was half a restaurant and half an art workshop! There were small children painting on canvases there and holy shit I am so untalented. Moving on. We ordered an ice longan tea set, expecting it to just be normal ice longan tea in a glass, but to our surprise it was an actual tea set!!! It was really fancy and delicious holy shit it was mouth-watering. The food was amazing too omg I will buy a GroupOn voucher for the place and go there again IT WAS SO GOOD.

After lunch, Julian had to buy some stuff for OBS, so we spent about an hour shopping at various sports shops for some stuff that he's only going to wear once, dirty to no repair, and throw away. This branded brat!!! We FINALLY left to watch POTO and OH MY GOD IT WAS SUPERBLY FANTASTIC the singing was wonderful, the orchestra was wonderful, the acting was wonderful! Okay, sometimes the lead male's voice seemed to get a tiny bit strained but I honestly don't blame him considering this was the last POTO performance in Singapore. But it was still incredible, and up till now it haunts me in my mind. 

We went to do a little grocery shopping for the spaghetti we would make for our dad's birthday celebration, and then the cooking ensued! Or should I say, my brother did the cooking while I pottered around attempting to make myself useful (although according to Julian I ended up ruining the spaghetti) OH WELL no one's perfect. We watched a bit of King Lines and rewatched Star Trek Into Darkness and can I just say that I love watching movies with an undying passion??? Basically my passion is like a zombie.

Hurried down to the canteen to make Ms Gao's teacher's day card! I HOPE SHE LIKES IT and has it framed up in her office/living room heh. After that, Johnson finally showed us the Invisible Strings route in school. I want to builder more in school, it seems terrifying but really fun at the same time. Anyway, Huiyin and I tried it out but we failed spectacularly. Heh. 

Afterwards I waited one hour with Janice in the canteen for the queen of tardiness, Tong, during which Wei Yi and Jia Boon came down to the canteen. As usual Wei Yi was being horrible and slow and refusing to write in the card until the very last minute. Worst of all was when he hacked my phone and changed my password so that I couldn't access my phone and fed me wrong passwords until I'd disabled my phone for 15 minutes. >:( This is why he's so alike my brother; both of them are the meanest people I know. Sobs.

Tong finally came and we finally embarked on our journey to The Tea Party Cafe! Which looked pretty on the outside but was actually really dingy and gross inside. :| They had good scones though! Again, Tong entertained us with stories about her life. It was a good dinner.

NJC had another one of its unremarkable celebratory events, on which I shall not elaborate. Afterwards though, we went to find MG to give her her present and our gorgeous card! WHICH I REALISE I FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO OF SOBS yeah whatever.

We went back to the canteen to celebrate Zi Hao, Jenny, Xin Min and Jovin's birthdays (I think...?) and then...


Then I met Rachel at my school bus stop! This seems to be tradition, me meeting with Rachel before the actual Heaven meet up... Aeri OTP1!!!11!! We waited for freaking 20 minutes for 66, then spent a very nice long bus ride chatting about everything under the sun! Originally, we were planning to watch The Purge, but by the time we reached JCube it was already too late and everything else that was showing seemed pretty boring. So in the end we went for lunch at Manhatten Fish Market because there was a pretty good promotion going on! 

(Stolen from [personal profile] 960225 heh heh)

The soup was really good and the fish was FREAKING SPICY.

Then I dragged Rachel to JE library so I could study even though she didn't need to study (again....... wow I am a horrible friend) and thankfully we bumped into Lotus Fan from 4G3 on the third level of the library and WE GOT SEATS WOOHOO what a small world. While I was there, I met a couple other ex-classmates as well! It was really cold in the library so we moved down to Cafe Galilee to get ourselves a hot drink.

Rachel got hot vanilla milk and I got espresso which was too bitter so, being the genius that I am, I dropped a couple of the M&Ms that Jia Yi gave us and... there was no observable change. But it was worth a try! When I finished the espresso, I realised that all the M&Ms had lumped up inside the cup; I tried drinking it but it was too sticky to slide down the cup, so I ended up fishing it out with my fingers HAHAHAHA but I was in the MRT station and super paranoid that some officer would slay me for eating in the MRT station so in the end I threw it away sigh.

We met Kellie at Stradivarius and I saw a really nice cropped sweater but it was too expensive. 8( Then Gin found us in M&S and Hannah found us in... some shop and why does everyone have such good direction sense?! We went to The Soup Spoon for dinner, but strangely enough that day the Beef Goulash seemed to have lost its magic. No more Soup Spoon for me! 

We then went for dessert at Sogurt.

I think Rachel looks really cute here. <3


Our epic double-chin photo AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA im dead but why does Rachel still look good ugh

Afterwards we decided to go to Kinokuniya to read sex scenes and take poser photos I swear shame does not exist in my vocabulary when I'm with Heaven HAHAHA

Me being a poser and reading a sex scene.

More sex scene reading



Then we went to, uh... M&S I think? It was the level selling kitchen and crockery and apparently the fake bread there is actually real break and waxed over for preservation???????

Hannah and I looking at the bread in disbelief omg I think my face really is the epitome of disbelief LMAO

And then we had to head home because Gin needed to study (again LOLOL). I wanted to take a nice group photo but everyone was too lazy sigh to the pie I still love all of you though. <3333333

Dragged myself out of bed at some ungodly hour in the morning to meet up early with Vetra to watch Percy Jackson! For the first time in my life, I was tasked with the role of navigation because Vetra is even more directionally hopeless than I am (I know right I can't believe it either) and miraculously we only went the wrong way twice!! We were really early; all the shops hadn't even opened yet! The cinema was super empty too HAHA.

The movie was horrible!!! The first movie was a looooot better. A lot of important scenes were too rushed, there was zero character development, and Percy Jackson was being a complete idiot throughout the entire movie! I trust that the book Percy is much more sensible HAHA. 

After the movie, we met up with Johnson and Isaac at Somerset MRT station. Since Huiyin woke up late, we ended up spending 1 hour shopping; we shopped for Johnson first, who bought 2 shirts from Uniqlo at quite a good price (he bought the last S sized pink shirt tsk what an inconsiderate shopper jUST KIDDING), and then Vetra and I went to Lowry's Farm while the boys went to Cotton On. I found a really pretty tank top at the price of $12.90 (it was originally $26.90 I think) so I believe it was a pretty good deal! Vetra bought a super pretty hipster shirt at less than half the original price too oh my. I hope Lowry's Farm has a sale for its sweaters soon too because they're really pretty! Huiyin FINALLY came, and we went off to find the boys and eat lunch! 

My mother bought me a GroupOn voucher worth $51 at Manhattan Pizza and Co., so basically lunch was free heh. We'd initially thought that Manhattan Pizza and Co. would be some atas pizza restaurant but it was actually a fast food restaurant. :( It was hidden in the corner of Orchard Central though, so the good thing was that we had it all to ourselves! 

We bought 10" pizza slices and they actually tasted really good! (Photo courtesy of Huiyin's twitter heh thanks)

Photo credits to Vetra's twitter! 

The decor was really nice too! Since we had free flow of drinks, we spontaneously decided to study in the restaurant. After two hours though, it got unbearably cold, so we decided to leave! We decided to look for the 'biggest rock wall in Singapore', but when we finally found it, it was grey and closed and looked really unused. :( Plus it was a total scam. 

We went shopping again! OC is a really nice place to explore, and it brought back memories of that time Heaven found this unused spare room with a floor to ceiling window and a red handprint HAHA. But I didn't know where it was. We went inside this shop where Huiyin found one of those wind-up musical boxes things, upon which she started winding and winding and confessed to us that she found it therapeutic HAHA. We went inside Epilogue/Prologue and browsed through more books where Johnson started being gross and narrated a sex scene out of a romance novel, then dropped by Foreskin where I bought a new wallet on impulse! Speaking of, Huiyin please remember to bring your fabric markers to school next week! 

I had school in the morning, then I met up with Vetra, Isaac, Prem and Yunxuan at JCube for lunch! This study date was pretty impromptu. We went to JE library to study, and Vetra and I found three empty seats! So Prem and Yunxuan decided to leave to play LAN (tsk).

When Johnson came, Isaac and him went off to find an extra chair for Johnson to sit on, but they came back empty-handed. How hard can it be to find an extra chair I ask you??? So Vetra and I went to find a chair, and since we're clearly much better at spotting things than the boys were, I managed to get a chair for Johnson. Tsk. My nose was leaking the entire day though. I think I annoyed the stranger sitting with us at the table HAHA. 

I had school in the morning AGAIN, then I met Vetra, Huiyin and Johnson at Bishan library! Oh, the wind was blowing so hard that my skirt almost did a Marilyn Monroe on me while I was on the overhead bridge HAHAHA but I really like the rainy season. When I got to the library I realised that they hadn't saved a seat for me, so I went to get an extra chair for myself. I was making headway into my Chinese essay when this librarian bij came up and was like "Girl! Where did you get that chair! Go put it back now! One table for four people only!" and like I DON'T THINK THIS RULE EXISTS OK BECAUSE NO ONE CHASED JOHNSON OFF IN JE LIBRARY but of course I'm a nice girl, so I didn't make a fuss. Thankfully we decided to go for lunch at the J8 food court then.

After lunch, Huiyin proposed a competition. Apparently there were two ways to get to the MRT station, so she and Vetra went one direction while Johnson and I went another direction. We started running (I think I heard Huiyin shout at us HAHAHA) but Johnson was a complete failure at tapping in because he tapped his card one too many times and the gantries all turned red when he tried to get into the MRT station, and because of his incompetence, we ended up wasting 5 minutes trying to get in. At one point, his card even got topped up to $37 HAHA it was really amusing. 

When we reached the Circle Line, we decided to use a cover story -- that Macs was giving out free Oreo McFlurry and we decided to stop for some ice cream. I could totally have sold it okay guys!!! But Vetra is too good at detecting lies sigh. 

We finally went to climb at CA! Too bad I didn't see my cute photographer again. :( It was a good day though! I managed to top two routes, one of which was a route that MG gave me the previous time I came to climb and another route that Johnson gave us. I love topping routes. 8D We spent 4 hours climbing I think, but it didn't feel like that long a time, probably because we spent a huge chunk of it lepaking/talking. 

AND THEN WE PASSED BY THIS PRETTY HOUSE AND spontaneously started posing for a photoshoot, courtesy to Johnson the master photographer.


It was a good day. :')

And we've finally reached the end of this post! I applaud you for staying on till the end, if you're still reading this AHAHA wow. I really want to climb tomorrow, everything in me wants to climb tomorrow, but I have to study. :( Motherfreaking promos. 

Also I can't believe I spent 4 hours on this wtf???

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