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dreaming about the things that we could be

Hi I really need to be more disciplined in this blogging business.

2 AUGUST 2013
It's the long overdue handover post all of you have been waiting for!!!

Okay so after washing up, the girls (us and the seniors) went off to go shopping! First we tagged after MG under the (false) impression that there was a 1 for 1 discount going on at Starbucks -- only to realise soon after that EVERYTHING WAS A LIE and the thing was already over. :( After that we left for H&M and basically wasted a lot of time until it was time to meet up at the Esplanade MRT! We were tired and wanted to sit down but there were no seats so we did our usual hobo routine.


There was some confusion as to where to meet up and in the end we had to go to Esplanade rooftop to meet the guys! MORE CAMWHORE TIME WOOHOO

This was supposed to be an all girls' shot but some of the guys photo bombed us again. >:(
I just like my face here AHAHA.
Us and the seniors being weird.
HAIXUAN AND I SHOWING OFF OUR BRIDGES AHAHA and Huiyin enjoying some time beneath our butts. ;)

After this it started raining, so we all pitched in to help bring everyone's bags and pizza boxes into a sheltered area, after which we sat down to eat YAYAYAY. Have I mentioned that I can finish off a whole regular box of pizza by myself HAHAHA but in the end I had to share my last slice with someone else because I really couldn't eat anymore. MG then came to announce the girls' results, along with the fact that Fang got into finals!!! It's the first time it's happened to NJ climbers tbh, and I think Fang fully deserves it. That overachiever. I, on the other hand, did not do as well as I would've preferred, but what's done is done, and I'm determined to improve my leaps and bounds for next year's Gravical! 

After we'd cleaned everything up, it was finally handover time!!! Before that, Johnson, Faiz, Wei Yi, Daryl and I had met up after school to do the seniors' farewell cards so when the seniors expressed happiness with their cards I felt quite proud hehe YAY US. Sadly none of the seniors cried. >:( Okay that's a good thing never mind HAHA.

Girls' team photo!
The junior team photo!! I think this is one of the only photos that has all of us inside. :')

After that, the seniors started taking team photos, so the juniors screwed off to the side and THE BOYS STARTED GOING CRAZY OMG while the girls helped to take photos, the boys were running around the entire roof entertaining themselves by picking a target and trying to gang-rape him LOLOL shirts were unbuttoned and abs were revealed and when our ex-captain Zihao finally saved himself, he was missing his shoes and one sock AHAHAHA it was really funny!

In the end, a security guard came up, scolded us, and chased us off for being too much of a nuisance to the general public HAHAHA well we were making a lot of noise.

Then we went home yay. Oh, Haixuan and I had a really nice, long conversation otw home and I really miss my favourite senior. :(

PDA WOOHOO Love you muah muah apparently I'm supposed to be the next Haixuan for next year's orientees; I WON'T LET YOU DOWN HAIXUAN!!!

3 AUGUST 2013
I woke up aching everywhere and feeling super duper exhausted, but I pulled myself out of bed, buoyed by the thought of getting to see Rachel again! See what a good friend I am???

Anyway I met her at her NP bus stop and she brought me into her school campus, which is really big and huge and confusing... We ate at the food court which has REALLY NICE JAPANESE FOOD although it was kind of cold! I was hoping to get a nice eyeful of the infamously hot poly kids but unfortunately NP was like a ghost town because it was a Saturday. 8( Oh well, Rachel's enough for me. <3

After lunch we headed to her huge ass library and booked a room! SO COOL RIGHT. The room was really small though, but it definitely felt more conducive for studying because I was surrounded by walls and there were zero distractions. The tables in the library look more like desk cubicles actually, with the front and sides covered up. It seems kind of oppressive IMO but I guess it also means less distractions which is good right! Unlike NJ's library, where you get distracted all the time by people walking in and out. Rachel and I ended up walking one whole round around level 5 (I think) because we couldn't find our room HAHA. And there are FIVE levels oh my. 

In the end we moved out of the library because Rachel maxed her booking time + it was too cold!!! It was really conducive studying with her, we should do it more Rachel. :D Anyway, I had a lot of fun spending time with her and chatting and catching up and being bullied by her usual Rachel ways and Rachel is it weird that I've started calling you "ruhchur" in my head now the climbers have been influencing me too much!!!

4 AUGUST 2013
Since burden Fang got into finals, we had to go down to Suntec City AGAIN to support her. We had lunch first at KFC though and I felt really gross and disgusting afterwards. :( Fang did pretty well IMO! She scored 6th out of  the 9 (I think...) finalists, with a bonus, which is freaking amazing because THE ROUTES WERE REALLY FREAKING HARD!!!

The boys were being terrible and cheering/taking videos of Titan instead, who's this really buff, badass finalist from NP whose biceps are bigger than Jiashen's AHAHA. Don't worry, that's not her real name. Anyway, after Fang's climb, we left her to the clutches of her buff friend while we went to Esplanade library to study like the proper muggers we are. Along the way I collected SIX SOUP SPOON VOUCHERS YAY I was going into epiphanies of delight because of it and everyone kept calling me auntie. >:( 

The library was really crowded so we were reduced to sitting on the floor and using the sofa cushions as tables AHAHA but eventually everyone migrated to the standing tables next to the windows without any chairs because it was too cold and it was more comfortable having a proper table to study on. I bumped into Chris again (what a small world) and we left soon after! Most of us went home; Fang, Johnson, Daryl and I stayed back to watch the open men's and women's finalists and HOLY FLYING MOTHER OF GOD THEY WERE SOOOO GOOOOOOD + there was this really hot Hong Kong guy who kept making eye contact with me while he was waiting for his turn to climb EHEHE he was really super good looking. Johnson told me to wink at him and for a moment I was actually going to do so but I decided that would be too weird. Unfortunately, the mini-fits that he threw whenever he couldn't stick a tile or execute a move properly kind of put me off. There was a really epic moment when, instead of grabbing onto the sloper, he stuck his MIDDLE FINGER inside the hole meant for the tile to be drilled into the wall. He actually managed to get the bonus. ö We were really surprised! And it was kinda hot. 

Fang's grandpa sent me back home. I will be forever amused by her atas life and her atas accent; it really seems to run in the family HAHA. 

Maybe one day I'll be one of the open men's and women's finalists and people will be going "OMG THAT FINALIST LOOKED AT ME" 8DDD

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