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the travel log

My trip to Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia! I really dedicated like half an hour every day to keep up with my journal ok this is hard work guys.

12 JUNE 2013
At Julian's violent beckoning, I dragged my sore and aching ass out of bed to brush my teeth, during which I accidentally afflicted my flapper with the worst pain imaginable -- water. In deep and utmost agony, I trudged back to bed and remained there for the next fifteen minutes, nursing my throbbing finger for what seemed like an eternity.

Okay that's enough of nice English I am so lazy to write properly in comprehensible sentences haha. Basically we cabbed to the airport where we had breakfast at Toastbox. We were the second last passengers aboard the plane, as usual HAHA. This is actually an improvement from the previous time, when we were the last and they were calling our names over the speakers. Yup. We are the people responsible for delaying any flight.

I swear the airport hated me that day. Firstly my bag was rifled through during the baggage check because of my small bottle of perfume (whoops) and then my passport had some stamp problems and the lady in M'sia refused to let me through?? Idk oh wellz.

Kota Kinabalu's weather is no different from Singapore's tbh. We checked into Meridian Hotel, which is unremarkable except for its HORRIBLE WIFI, and then left for lunch at this place called Heng Sing which is apparently famous for its Tom Yam. However it fell short of my expectations. :(

We then went to Barisan Mall which is not a mall at all in that there is NO AIR-CON and kind of dingy with too many iffy-looking massage parlors and super eager advertisers accosting us with brochures. We had a full body massage at Le Borneo. It was pretty timely considering I was still aching everywhere from training the day before. Initially, my masseur was male and that kind of terrified me HAHA so I requested for a female masseuse instead. My mum overheard from her neighbouring room and she was like "ELYSE??? ARE YOU OKAY? DO YOU NEED ANY HELP???" HAHAHAHA. It was really good!!! Except my masseuse got oil on my flapper which HURT LIKE HELL.

Afterwards I went for a pedicure with my mum and my grandmother, during which I was informed that the discolouration on my big toe is due to a fungus growth. So yes. I have fungi in my toe. I spent most of the time there watching some shitty Taiwan movie on the TV screen that had English subtitles that were directly translated from the Chinese subtitles, so there were stuff like "Religious festival" translated from "拜拜" which was the Chinese translation of "bye bye" HAHAHA. Afterwards I brought my grandmother to the toilet, only to find out that it's 30 cents per entry!!! Fortunately, these two Malay biker dudes that scared the hell out of me came out of the gents and saw our predicament, and they very nicely gave me 60 cents. :') A little embarrassing but really sweet!

As we were making our way back to the hotel, I was walking alone BUT THEN at the traffic light I happened to walk past this group of dudes that seemed a bit older than me and they started talking to me omfg. They said "hello" and asked me a question but I was really scared they would assault me so I pretended not to hear them and walked really really quickly back to my mum and grandmother. ;;

After grabbing my jacket from the hotel room because it was drizzling, we went out for dinner! The chili crab was AMAZING and so were the rest of the dishes. 8D But the way they rear their prawns is really cruel... they stuff the baby prawn into a plastic water bottle and let it grow inside. ;; It's so squashed! My brother and I also observed two crabs trying to get out of their tank. They were actually rather smart. One crab stood on another crab's shell, then the bottom crab would inch slowly up the tank so that the crab on top could climb out of the side of the tank. Unfortunately they kept slipping so it didn't work out. :( 

13 JUNE 2013
I had a terrible night! I kept waking up in the middle of the night and it felt like I hadn't rested at all. Plus Julian's butt kept intruding on my space in bed HAHA.

Anyway, after breakfast, we took a small boat to Gaya Resort, which resides on a little island not far off the coast of Sabar. The resort is SO PRETTY and SO HOT and apparently it's only about a year old so the facilities are all relatively new! There are insects everywhere though. The male staff are all rather cute too. 8)

A little underexposed because it was still pretty early in the morning and the sun hadn't come out fully yet. So pretty!!!

You see those little huts and things? That's the resort. WE WERE THIS CLOSE TO THE BEACH. The water's green because the sun still hadn't fully risen yet hahaha. 

Our villa, unfortunately, was something like those risen on the concrete pillars. The areas that hadn't been covered over by nature yet were quite a sore eye and the walk from our villa to the beach was reaaaally long but thankfully the resort has toilets located almost everywhere so I didn't have to run back to the villa to take care of business HAHAHA. The toilets are super pretty and clean and AIR-CONDITIONED. Which is ironic because the rest of the resort isn't air-conditioned...

My brother the ultimate photo bomber.

We also got our own personal butler! Her name is Bowie and she's really nice! Very accommodating and hospitable. The service here is actually quite fantastic. They greet you every time they walk past you and it doesn't hurt that they're really good looking hehe. 

The resort apartment villa thing is HUMONGOUS like I think they ran out of ideas as to what to do with all the space, so the bathroom now takes up like half of the entire apartment. We have two sinks, one cubicle for the toilet bowl, one cubicle for the shower, and a bathtub that's almost as big as the king sized bed in the bedroom.

We took the 12:30 boat to a private beach that we had all to ourselves because no one crazy enough would go play in a beach at noon. Besides us, of course. So the beach was entirely empty but unfortunately there were flies and insects everywhere! I spammed insecticide like nobody's business. First we had lunch inside a little wooden hut that would've been really cute if the insects and mosquitoes and sand weren't bothering me so much. By then I'd already gained one mosquito bite. :(


Lunch! It was deeeelicious and the best thing of it was that it was free!


I went to play by the sea with Julian, after which I dragged him to the dock with me to take photos. The wooden planks were really hot! It took a long time getting used to walking there without our shoes on. Oh and Julian was pincered by a small crab HAHAHA his shriek even made one of the staff members hurry over, although he turned away once he saw my mother and I laughing at Julian.

The water is so pretty. *__*

Just us in the waters hehe it was so awesome being the only ones there!
Soon enough my aunt came as well. We stripped into our swimwear and went for a swim in the sea! It was incredibly fun, although I kept getting irrationally scared by random things like rocks on the sea floor (STONEFISH) and plastic bags (JELLYFISH) and floating litter (FLESH-EATING CARNIVOROUS PREDATOR FISH) and seaweed (A DIFFERENT KIND OF JELLYFISH). But it was still really fun. \O/ My face was a little sunburnt though.

After we took the boat back, we freshened up and my mother, brother and I went for a handicraft activity where we learnt how to make jewellery out of beads. I was surprisingly good at it! It did give me a back and shoulder ache though. ;;

Then we went for dinner! I accidentally stepped on a sticky patch on the floor and ended up walking around with sticky slippers for the whole course of dinner. :| The buffet food wasn't very impressive... in fact, they were lukewarm both in the literal and figurative senses. But food will be food! The apple tarts however were CRIMINALLY GOOD I ate three of them oh god so unhealthy!!!

We went for a walk at the beach after dinner, during which I suffered a couple more mosquito bites on my ankles. :( It was low tide, so we could see some of the exposed sea floor, and there were these gross piles of what looked like shit peppered EVERYWHERE. They were grey and disgusting ughaughugh. Apparently they're just piles sand that crabs poop out when they inhale sand while digging holes (?)

14 JUNE 2013
I slept in! It was very enjoyable indeed. Then we went snorkeling! That was pretty cool because although there weren't as many fishes as I'd hoped for, the guide pointed out a lion fish (SUPER POISONOUS) and a feather fish for us! I carried the feather fish in my hand but then it sort of flopped out and the guide had to rescue it before it hit the sea floor. ;; I saw four bright green fishes darting around in weird patterns like they were trying to signal for something as well as a sand fish thing that was like 30cm long and just... lurking in the corals HAHA it was quite scary looking. Julian saw two jellyfish!!! He pointed out a pink one to me that was like FIVE CM AWAY FROM MY FACE omg I was terrified. Oh I also saw two black fish fighting!! Or maybe they were mating, I'm not sure. Our guides were all very hospitable and forthcoming with interesting information. 8)

We had lunch, visited the library (it was a disappointment because I expected air conditioning and a wide array of books but it fell completely short) and then I went to swim laps with Julian because we felt fat after eating all the dessert from the free buffets. Wearing a bikini was rather hazardous though because I kept doing bikini checks to make sure that no parts that shouldn't be showing were showing HAHA next time I'm swimming laps in a normal swimsuit.

The view from the library. *__*

My grandpa trying to make sense of the computer. Also, double photo bomb! I wasn't aware that Julian was photo bombing my photo bomb HAHAHA.

Do you see the complete lack of books??

Julian and I then left straight after for the festival thingum going on at the beach wherein we could get tribal hanna tattoos, learn their traditional dance, blow darts (I sucked very badly at it), eat food and CARRY SNAKES WOOHOO that part was fun although I accidentally squished the snake with the crook of my elbow and it started doing that scary neck swaying thing and I was really scared it would attack me.

Afterwards we sort of drifted to the beach where I found a coconut tree to climb!! Initially it was quite tough, but then I found little nooks that the locals had carved out that could be used as foot and hand holds, and after that things got much easier. I fell from the tree though. :( I landed face flat on the sand HAHA. I wish my mum had taken photos of my epic fall but she said she was too surprised to do anything. Julian tried to climb higher than me but naturally I beat him psh.

My brother pretending to be a model..................

So this group of tourists gathered beneath my tree to watch me climb, then they wandered off to the next tree and started climbing that too. I am a trendsetter guys!!!

I have bruises on my inner thighs and my crotch now HAHAHAHA yeah. :|

Dinner was considerably better but still nothing worth talking about. We took a short walk to the dock where we saw lots of silver fish jumping out of the water!! Julian tried taking some hipster photos but I really don't know what he's going to do with them seeing as his IG is barely alive.

15 JUNE 2013
The last day of the vacation. 8( Woke up early for a nature walk, but due to some misunderstandings I was abandoned!!! So while the rest of my family went on the nature walk, I was left running around the resort looking for my mother and grandpa when they'd already joined the group. In the end I followed my instincts (who knew they existed???) and managed to find one of the guides who had stayed behind to bring me to the group. I was a bit miffed but oh well.

My brother........ Well anyway the leaf that the guide is holding up has excellent preservative properties apparently. It can store food up to a week!

Termite oxygen chamber cool shit yoz.

A FREAKING TERMITE NEST apparently they only have one entrance and termite soldiers are stationed there. In the event of an ant attack, the termite soldiers are sacrificed in their attempt to keep the ants away while the rest of the termites seal up the entrance so that the ants can't get in. SO HEARTBREAKING RIGHT??? 

A photo I took of the dock after the nature hike. SIGH IT'S SO PRETTY.

I learnt some interesting things as well as attained many interesting insect bites on my legs. One insect bite swelled up to look like a pimple with pus and everything on the inside of my thigh. D: I learnt that termites live underground and have an oxygen chamber built from soil on top of the ground so that oxygen can be transferred to their next via a small tube. That was endlessly fascinating. There's also a kind of tree sap that increases testosterone in a male body heh heh.

Then we went to snorkel again! This time it was just my brother, aunt and I. One of the guides there was super cute ahaha and he pointed out a lion fish again! The clownfish are really tame too. I didn't swim into any jellyfish this time although I did mistake another plastic bag for one, and almost made a ruckus. Thank goodness I realised it was a plastic bag before I told everyone to swim away HAHA.

My fringe was butchered HAHAHA

If you look closely you can see my middle parting.

We went for lunch after that. I ate the Tom Yam noodles, but that was a disappointment as well. :( The portion of food is really big though!! Very worth it. And the service is amazing seriously. The pizza was super good though! I couldn't stop eating it even though I was really full.

Afterwards I had to retire to the room first because I had a headache. 8( We had to pack by then, but the thing is that my suitcase is in my mum's villa which is actually next to mine, but since the pathway to her door is super long, I had to climb over from my balcony to her balcony to increase efficiency. I was quite scared I would lose my balance and fall into the water though HAHA.

We left on a boat and had dinner in town. The soft shell crab there was really good!! Now I'm hungry. Yeah. I really miss Kota Kinabalu. 8( I want to go back to the beach sighpie. It was great fun! I wish we'd stayed longer. 

Some random photos:

My aunt relaxing by the poolside reading 50 Shades of Grey, which I read a snippet of, but every time I opened the book it was a sex scene. NOT WORTH READING.

My brother says this tree looks like a dementor.

I am so good at taking photos of animals.

As well as insects.


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