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4 JUNE 2015

before i begin - DISCLAIMER: all photos as viewed in this travel diary are 99.9% taken by julian yap. his photographing services are up for grabs at $30 per hour, but if you're a relative you get complimentary service.

ok let's begin! i feel like it's almost customary for my travel diaries to begin with me complaining about plane rides, i.e:

first flight passed quite quickly - managed to fall asleep though i woke up like 10 times because planes are incompatible with elyse's sleeping habits. rewatched pacific rim which was just as good as the first time.

in the doha terminal - these flowers are made of chocolate!!! i am not even kidding!!!

second flight was very long even though it was one hour shorter than the previous flight. watched unbroken which was kind of a pointless movie that just left me feeling uneasy HAHAHA esp as it was about a bunch of young soldiers who crash landed from their fighter jet into the ocean and was stranded for 1.5 months and then captured by the japanese........

it's humbling to see how organised and structured housing is on a macroscopic scale despite the chaos we experience on the ground.

the rome airport was rly small for such a popular tourist destination. i got a much needed coffee and tried not to fall asleep on my feet. two hours later we boarded the trafalgar bus and took a one hour ride to the grand hotel tiberio which was quite ancient but very very cozy! it was about 4:30pm at this point.

two hours later we went down for dinner and the welcome reception. this is me trying and failing to look decently presentable HAHA

i was so exhausted that i almost fell asleep listening to our travel director, franco (as seen above), who rattled on and on for 30min HAHAHA he used to be a lieutenant in the army which is pretty cool! you can kind of hear his authoritative tone of voice sometimes when he talks. he also sounds like mr chew / mrs mary lim, with long and meaningful pauses between his sentences HAHAHA. but he's really cool and funny and his sarcasm can kill.

we went exploring around the hotel before dinner and found these damn hipster vespas omg

the view behind the hotel!

my hair was so greasy after one day of riding in planes D:

my brother, for your viewing pleasure:


dinner was meh. the cherry tomatoes were so delish though!!! after dinner we went for an orientation drive around 7:30 and giuliano our bus driver drove us around to key areas in rome. according to franco, traffic lights in rome are just for decoration because drivers in rome are insane HAHAHA and there are no parking lots in rome bc every time they try to dig to build a carpark, they find corpses and its suddenly an archeological site lol


the golden hour in rome is SUPER LEGIT

the biggest river in rome - also as dubiously murky as the singapore river

there were a lot of umbrella pine trees everywhere (as soon above on the left of the photo) and apparently they were planted 2000 years ago to shelter the roman soldiers back when they had to march long distances which i thought was pretty cool!

ended up falling asleep halfway through the orientation drive LOL ok the end