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19 JANUARY 2014

we woke up at 7:30am meaning to go to the beach early - but somehow we got delayed the whole morning HAHA. julian took a crazy long time waking up so we ended up leaving the house at 8:30, and breakfast lasted till 9, and then we went to visit the flower garden and we did some shopping for my beach hat + we all had to poop so by the time we left on the buggy to go to the beach it was around 10?? HAHA to think we were planning to reach the beach at 9!!

the morning buffet was surrounded by a koi pool! 

obligatory photoshoot with the nice flowers

julian's obligatory desire to take nice photos of nice flowers 

here's a funny story HAHA after i got julian to take photos of me in the flower garden, we had to walk past the buffet restaurant to go to the souvenir shop to buy my beach hat; as i walked past, this pretty japanese lady eating breakfast gave me a thumbs up HAHAHA i did a double take and she smiled at me omg i felt so embarrassed afterwards!!!

anyway ayana resort is so huge that the beach is like a 5min buggy ride from the main hotel lobby. ö the beach was AWESOMEEEE and even though the clouds were obscuring the blue skies, the sea was still RLY blue!! we went to go catch some waves and play in the water, and my dad took out his dji phantom 2 vision plus (it's a drone) and took some reeeeaaally great shots!

imagine living in those residential villas on the cliff top. *^* potentially life-threatening landslides aside, it would be so wonderful!1!!

the life guard point is really picturesque LMAO

here's the drone which attracted a lot of attention and made a lot of whirring noises not dissimilar to the sound of a land-mower


here's julian and i and a random stranger who, like all the other tourists, was fascinated by the landmower - i mean, drone

idky the video is so dark though :( 


here's julian and i walking towards my dad

my brother says this is a tumblresque photo but i disagree

the photo on the left would be so nice if only my forehead wasn't so ginormous

julian once again gives in to the desire to have his photos taken


all the thatched little huts under which we could enjoy some shelter from the sweltering sun 

these ominous looking stairs are indeed ominous. it's such a crazy workout climbing up the stairs - there are SO MANY FLIGHTS

here's another perspective of the formidable stairs from the drone

it started raining around 12:45pm, so we climbed the really long and steep stairs up the cliff side to the top and called the buggy! there was a llallang field nearby so julian took some spontaneous photos of me HAHA.

the view from the stairs

some random photo i took of a japanese lady wearing a very pretty dress and flower

my legit candid photos are nothing short of extremely unflattering

stealthy selfie (this is quite the tongue twister, try it)

we headed to a japanese restaurant called honzen to eat and the food was actually pretty great! my dad started singing random songs really loudly though omg it was so awkward. the waitress was really scared and couldn't decide whether to approach us for the bill HAHAHA. 


my dad retired to the villa while julian and i went to another one of the pools in the resort to swim! it was rly sunny at that point and the pool was CRAZY cold. there were slides at the kid's pool so naturally julian and i wanted to try them out HAHA but the sign said that the slides were only meant for 5-14 year olds! nevertheless we were not deterred from our goal, and so julian lied to the lifeguard and said we were both 14 years old LMAO. the dude was nice and pretended to believe our lie HAHAHA but when we went back for our third attempt, the nice guy had been replaced by a lady who was much stricter and didn't let us go. >:(

really picturesque pool 

picturesque hair

went back to the villa to bathe. we ordered room service for dinner (again) bc my dad had to work and that's it for the day! here are a couple of photos i screenshotted from the video the drone took when my dad flew it from our villa: 

this is the main part of the resort, where the main hotel, hotel lobby, restaurants and pool reside 

this landscape is just to the right of that shown above - mostly untouched, all of which is nonetheless still part of the resort, just to give you all an idea of how ginormous the place is

closer view of the hotel (the big buildings with the red roofs) and the surrounding villas (the huts) 

imagine staying in these cliffside villas!! 

the drone discovered a beach that doesn't seem to be in use by the resort 

father and butler and buggy having fun with the drone

bird's eye view of all the villas! 

the end. 

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