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18 JANUARY 2015

woke up at an ungodly hour, 5:45am, and had breakfast! the buffet was pretty diverse, with a choice of indonesian, western, japanese, korean and chinese cuisines!

we were picked up by the eva dive centre van, which drove us to the centre to pick up our gear and then to the ocean! i was informed, to my horror, that there would be no toilet on the boat!! despite relieving myself before the long and arduous process of getting into gear and diving, i was CRAZILY URGENT by the time we returned to the surface. i rly tried my best to pee in the ocean but i just couldn't do it. ;_; so i almost wet my wetsuit on the boat HAHA it was painful to even move my legs bc i needed to go so damn badly.

anyway i survived without embarrassing myself HAHA. the dive itself was not worth the trouble of putting on the equipment tbh, so i sat out on the second dive, which made me much happier and less crabby for the rest of the day. i guess i just don't have what it takes to go scuba diving - i was never really that much of a fan of marine life anyway!

the garmin makes everything look bright green down there even though it wasn't HAHA

julian getting ready to tip backwards into the ocean

something went wrong when uploading this photo HAHA anyway here is my dear daddy wearing a flower on his ear

we had lunch at the beach; i had spaghetti which was WAY too salty HAHA. we went back for the second dive, during which i sat atop the boat and read / dozed off.

they don't sell sprite in bottles like this anymore in singapore + view from where i sat in the boat waiting for dad and bro to come back from diving. 

went back to ayana, bathed, ate a second lunch bc our first lunch was pretty early in the day, and took a two hour nap! ah, the blissful life of luxury. it was raining too, which made it even nicer. 8D

pic we took while waiting for the buggy to come pick us up after returning from the dive + room service lunch! 

left for dinner! i had white wine and julian had red wine but he didn't like alcohol so it was wasted. :(





pretty nice bokeh shots to end this off! 
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I hope you didn't drink the Sprite without a straw because I heard of some stories where they collect the opened bottles and reuse them to cut costs...