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17 JANUARY 2015

the flight had terrifying turbulence that made my coffee slosh from side to side and there were rattling noises in the air vents. :'( i watched 'if i stay' which was kinda unimpressive at first but won me over in the end. it probably helps that the lead actress is super gorgeous HAHAH.

after we landed, it was a 25 minute drive to ayana resort which is FREAKING GINORMOUS. on the way there we saw lots and lots of kids who couldn't be more than 15 years old riding motorcycles after school. Ö anyway our villa was so far away from anything we were provided butlers to drive us around the resort in buggies at our whim. we had our own private pool and stuff and omg everything was so gorgeous!!! we had TWO ginormous flat screen TVs what the heck!

the corridor leading to the villa lobby. ayana is so huge that it has two lobbies - one for the regular hotel stayers, and one for the villa stayers. WOW.

from the villa lobby extends a stairway that leads to another swimming pool which we unfortunately did not get to try out. :(

this photo doesn't do the living room justice

the toilet is as huge as the bedroom!!! on the left are the shower and toilet cubicles, and on the right are two sinks. but oNE THING ABOUT THE TOILET IS THERE IS NO PRIVACY!!! the shower door is made of glass, there are no locks, and even the toilet doors are made of glass. tsk. 

the bathtub was filled with flowers when we arrived!!! i regret not bathing in it before it was emptied out. :( + the four poster bed that my bro and i shared.



the view from our pool! 

we took the buggy to lunch, an italian restaurant called sami sami at the cliff's edge. pasta was mediocre imo!

the view from the restaurant! 

acting cool but clearly i'm more convincing

i wasn't too impressed with my food but julian was very happy with his bacon carbonara HAHA

we went exploring next, and stumbled upon the lift down to the rock bar! it was really steep omg. when we made it down, we went
exploring and found an infinity edge pool next to the bar, so we decided to take a dip since it was such a sunny scorchingly hot day.

the rock bar. *^*

mini rollercoaster ride down the cliff

the pool! 

my dad went to discuss the dives at the hotel reception, and then we all headed back to the room to bathe and change! we were rushed out by the staff bc we were late for our reservation at the rock bar oops HAHA and once again went down the lift to the bar,
which was much much more crowded than it had been in the early afternoon!

one of the many random statues in the resort


got some drinks and managed to catch the evening sun. :))) ordered lots of finger food too and had dinner just like that HAHA. oh man the lobster spring rolls and shrimp rolls were to die for, including the sauces they had come with. *^* there was a super long queue for the single, tiny lift back up to the main resort, so we decided to take the stairs which ended up being a big mistake HAHA 200 steps are no joke when you're wearing a maxi skirt ugh.


julian was dumb and forgot to bring the SLR so here are the photos from another day from my iPhone!

the end.

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