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14 DECEMBER 2014

we went to bondi beach! tbh i initially didn't expect it to be much and perhaps that is why it completely exceeded my expectations! it was so crazy hot though, we got totally sunburnt (well actually just my brother who suffered a bright red v on his neck bc of his shirt HAHAHA). i got very nice rosy cheeks bc strangely enough only the apples of my cheeks were burnt, while my nose remained untouched hehehe.

the waves were kinda small but these divers were certainly very dedicated



we walked onto the rocks right next to the sea, which were rather precarious bc waves would sweep up upon you and crash into your legs

exhibit A

exhibit B


AWWWWW and it makes me think of how timmy would probably be off on the land cowering in some corner 

we walked walked walked all the way to the bondi headlands

the waves were huge!!!

the waves were rly big, and the crashes were about 5 metres high???

this is a good photo! 

stop slouching so much brother

we actually weren't supposed to be up on the cliffs HAHA we'd bypassed the fences #international rebel. anyway below this was a rly jagged cliff that some people had snuck into and were suntanning on some ledges which was pretty damn cool

family photo! this has a funny story behind it HAHA. we had passed the DSLR to one of the rangers sitting here having a break - he took our DSLR and ran away with it HAHAHAH ofc he came back and my mum mock-scolded him "aren't you supposed to be upholding the law" that was funny

on the way back to the beach we passed by this perfect suntanning spot


this was the point that julian's slipper got washed away by a wave and slipped under one of the rocks here HAHAH he waited like 5 minutes before his slipper washed back out again

we wanted to have lunch at the bondi iceberg, so we walked all the way across the bay from one side to another! after being seated and having the fairly incomprehensible menu explained to us, we ordered, and my mum asked for water. then came the awkward part: the waiter leaned in and said: "sorry, you need to have an alcoholic drink to eat here" sO MY MUM WAS LIKE "oh i can't drink and neither can my children drink" and so we got politely ushered out ughhh it was quite embarrassing bc everyone was staring HAHA.

in the end we ate at the outdoors cafe next to the bondi icebergs which was very hot but still provided a splendid view of the beach. 8D food was okay!!

there was a pool fed by the ocean directly beneath the cafe!! 

ignore me

julian came to the computer, saw this photo, and said, "dat ass"

don't you love how the walls of the open door cafe is glass so you can totally appreciate the entire view *^*

mother caught red handed trying to steal the wooden cutlery which were rly cute

left for the bridge climb at 3:45, which was absolutely awesome. we had to wear harnesses and attach ourselves to a wire that runs along the bridge, and we got to climb the top of the bridge whoop whoop! they even gave us a 'climber' cert HAHAH though tbh we actually just walked up a lot of stairs and a couple of ladders. it gets quite scary when the train goes past on the bridge; the entire bridge rattles and vibrates HAHA cool shitz.

see those tiny tiny people trekking up the bridge? that's what we did HAHA

our guide was rly cool and funny too!! very friendly and informative. :))) some cool trivia about the sydney harbour bridge:

1. 16 men died during its construction. funnily enough, only 3 men actually died while on the bridge, and the others died in the factory. in those times, this was considered quite a small death toll and so was considered quite an achievement LOL. it's quite amazing that only 3 men died on the bridge though, given that they were about 100+ metres above the water and back then there were no safety measures whatsoever, and also they didn't have railings or nice walkways, they kind of had to hop from bar to bar? and also they throw red hot iron nails across the bridge to one another to increase efficiency and minimize risk of falling omg??

2. the one man who did survive a fall from the bridge was called vincent kelly, who was a diving enthusiast and a good swimmer. he had about 3 seconds to prepare himself for impact as he fell - feet first, hands over his eyes and ears - and upon first contact with the water, the impact was so great that his legs buckled up beneath him and broke three of his ribs. !!!!! it's said that the dropping of his tool kit into the water broke the surface tension and was what helped him survive HAHA yikes. he shot 10m into the water (!!!!!) and was saved by a passing boat when he did resurface. this dude is amazing.

3. during its construction, there was a huge storm that caused the entire bridge to sway (resonance HAHA #nerd). the bridge was constructed from both ends first, so there was a gap in the middle. in the end, the two sides of the bridge were out of line so they had to readjust the bridges so they met in the middle. problem with the bridge is that when the gap between the bridges was crossed and the two sides touched for the first time, it was in the afternoon, so at night when the steel contracted due to the lower temperatures, the two sides came apart again LOL so they had to manually lower both sides till the met again at 10pm, and finally the bridge was built!! it's currently the world's 4th longest bridge.

my mum looks fine but she was actually scared out of her wits

opera house in the background! 

looking into the horizon damn cool can

my mum was supposed to be looking and pointing upwards but she refused >:( 

the whole team of tourists who went up the bridge with us! i just realised we never got a photo with our guide. D:

we had dinner at pancakes on the rocks (again HAHA) and it was a rly good sumptuous last australia dinner. \o/ and that's it folks! that's the end of the travelogue!!! going off on another vacation to bali tomorrow morning hehe EXCITEZ.