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12 DECEMBER 2014

had a leisurely breakfast at home, then took the car to the tomaree head national park and climbed to the summit! the views were amazing *_*

it was a steep tiring hike up 

but we made it!!

from one side of the tombolo 

to another! 

am i cute

we went to zenith beach afterwards and the waves were rly rough and rocky! 

had lunch at thai mod restaurant (why do we keep having thai HAHA) and i had their tomyam goong and green curry for lunch! tomyam goong was again not spicy at all but definitely tasted good anyway! the green curry was just mehhhh.

one of the beaches next to the thai restaurant (there were so many beaches in port stephens omg)

I WAS ASSAULTED BY THE WAVES but i survived relatively drily

drove down to the fingal beach and walked along the whole coast and onto the spit! that was rly cool, i've always wanted to visit a spit or a tombolo ever since i learned about it in elect geog HAHAHA. it was a bad idea taking off my slippers to walk though, bc the sand has rly little support for poor old flat footed me. :( AND IT WAS SO COLD!!! the sun was out full force, yet i never once felt its heat because of the overpowering frigid sea winds that were so strong that if i were to open up my jacket and lean into the wind, i'd be able to lean against the wind HAHAHA. at one point i accidentally got drenched by the ocean bc i was trying to clean my slippers of the sand in the sea and ended up being hit by a wave sigh.

it was so coldddd


i tried to write julian's name in cursive but it became a bit incomprehensible HAHA


i swear julian has better photos than me, there i am tottering around in the background while he gets such a nice photo


my ankles were so painful i had to rest. :(


the end of the spit was engulfed by the ocean! the coolest part is that the waves on both sides of the spit are travelling in opposite directions, so they crash in the middle directly in front of the spit. *^* oh and fun fact: lots of people have drowned here before.

went home and bathed! thank god. drove about a bit afterwards and saw some pelicans at some beach. *^* their heads can turn 360 degrees and they sleep with their eyes open??

said creepy pelicans

had dinner at hogsbreath cafe which had won the port stephens' best business award 2014. it sold the BEST STEAK I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE! the steaks are slow cooked for 14h and served medium rare, and they are so friggin tasty and soft and even the fat melts on your mouth?! would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone going to port stephens yupyup!!

the ribs weren't that good though, definitely not as good as the ones at pancakes on the rocks


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