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11 DECEMBER 2014

had breakfast at some sourdough pie place which sold pie and pastries! had their cheese bread, bacon and cheese pie, tomato and onion pie (THIS WAS RLY GOOD) and some sweet pastry which escapes me so it can't have been that good.

next we walked through the rain to buy umbrellas - the irony! we got drenched in a feat to get not drenched LOL anyway we bought a $20 super cool "inspector gadget" (according to julian) umbrella which only requires the press of a button to extend and open completely!

we embarked on the imagine cruise for the dolphin watch! julian and i accidentally wore matching monochrome outfits HAHA we took many photos on the boat! and we actually got to see dolphins!! idk how the guides recognise them but apparently we saw nicki and her pod, and the reason for her name is because she has a nick in her fin. :(

matchy matchy ootd!

the wind was insane! 

stepping it up (literally)

julian has such a nice smile!! + unglam yawning LMAO

the dolphins! it was rainy and cloudy though so photo quality is quite bad. :'(

at some point julian decided he wanted to make a career as a model

we had lunch at some fish & chips fast food joint which was pretty good!! the BBQ sauce and chilli sauce tasted weird tho, should've expected that HAHA.

took the car to some crazy desert next to the ocean - that was insanely cool bc it was hot due to reflection of heat by the sand yet extremely cold bc of the icy sea breeze blowing into the desert. ö in fact the wind was so bad and cold julian and i ended up taking shelter behind the sandboarding van at some point HAHA. the guide took the van far into the dunes with just us inside (we were wondering why we were the only ones but we later found out). after grabbing our boards, we went to board!!

it's rly rly terrifyingly fun and exciting!!! and i think the strangest part about sandboarding is how quiet it becomes once you start sliding done the dune, as opposed to howling wind and cutting sand we experience while standing or walking! i suppose it's because we're traveling at about the same speed as the wind down the dune, so we don't actually hear or feel the wind anymore bc we're WITH the wind (i thought it was kinda cool hehe).

this is so drea chong 8D

we competed once and at first i was leading but he beat me near the end. >:(

sand board advertisers

taking it rly seriously here

i have a penchant for it don't i

poor julian 

and off he goes! 

still looking good

not looking so good anymore...


yay mummy! 


anyway the wind was crazy crazy strong and julian had welts up his arms and legs from all the sand that was hurled at him by the super strong winds. ö i almost got blown off the sand dunes HAHAHA in the end i gave up and retired with my mum to the bus while we waited for julian to finish sandboarding (he's craY). there was sand in our eyes and mouth and nostrils (both nostrils) and ears and hair and scalp and underwear and places where the sun don't shine. we later realised that the pockets of my brother's hoodie had collected a huge handful of sand HAHAHA. and this is why we were the only ones going out to sand dune - everyone else must have known how crazy the winds would be.

despite the sandy state of our everything, we ended up having tea at a cafe called home interior! the funny thing is that we thought it was a furniture shop at first, but upon entering the shop we realised it was actually a cafe within the shop! so all the furniture and all the rly pretty lights on display were on sale. *^* kind of like carpenter and cook actually!

ALL THE FURNITURE AND INTERIOR STUFF THERE WERE SO GORGEOUS AND LOVELY and i was so tempted to buy three pillows and a huge fairy light tree HAHAH but eventually i came to my senses. we still bought quite a lot of stuff, and i'm super happy w my purchase of a smaller fairy light tree and some souvenirs for my friends yayyy. 

then we went back to our apartment, took a well-deserved and well-needed shower, and had maggie mee for dinner. \o/ a vacation isn't complete without a maggie mee dinner yes???