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10 DECEMBER 2014

had breakfast at the B&B again! it was a mad rush from then to pack and stuff everything into the car (each day the number of bags and shit we have to carry on top of our luggage stuffed in the backseat increases) and then we drove to scenic world!

breakfast! photo quality is bad and we look so unglam HAHA.

we encountered this cute volkswagon on the way to scenic world! 

after buying the unlimited pass, we took the skyway which brings us across the valley!

some waterfall we passed while on the skyway + the skyway has glass floors so cool!!

my brother's eyes are closed here HAHA

then came the coolest part of the day: THE RAILWAYYY. it's the steepest railway in the world and is rly more like a very controlled rollercoaster HAHA. then we took the cableway which brings us across the forest! the guides are all rly cool and friendly - there was even one guide who tried speaking singlish to me HAHAHA but ofc it was a disaster.

it's steep + the gears that keep the railway running

reaaaally steep

my brother is a self-professed selfie master

the cableway plunges into the forest, so pretty steep too! 

on the way down we passed the orphan rock which looks like another great place to climb. it brings us right to the forest floor whereupon we explored for awhile and missed the return trip like thrice HAHA.

we bought coffee and cookies at the cafe, then continued our drive to port stephens! drove through mac's to get takeaway and my bro says the burgers here are bigger but i honestly can't tell. ö


slept on and off the rest of the way to port stephens! we went to the gan gan hill lookout to get a 360 degree panoramic view of port stephens and BOY was it cold and windy!

really windy

my brother's poses are only getting more and more dramatic

the view from the lookout! it was cold and cloudy though which didn't make for a very spectacular view. :(

my hair is a disaster. 

we finally made it to our apartment which also had FREE WIFIIIII and two showers and two sinks. ö wow! but honestly i wasn't too impressed by the apartment bc of the dingy lighting and idky but it put a damper on the whole evening. :(

went out for dinner at sandpiper, had their ravioli and veal which was rly tasty!! the food took ages to come though, ugh. we then had dessert at baroque bistro and bar wherein i had a lemon meringue and my bro had caramel banana!

can't remember what this is but it was good.

can't remember what this is either LMAO


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i hate those kind of binoculars you have to pay to use >:(