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hmm managed to miss this photo out in the previous post (ikr sHAME ON ME WITH A THOUSAND SUNS) anyway this is a picture perfect photo of the blue mountains, which, as its name suggests, is truly blue. apparently it's due to the reaction of some chemicals that the trees release with the air which forms a blue mist...? 

i'd like to call this the thousand step day bc we climbed more than ONE THOUSAND STEPS (i counted) and let me tell you why:

breakfast at the B&B was fabulous because it was cooked and served immediately by the owner! it was a typical but wonderfully cooked western breakfast with eggs, tomatoes, bacon, sausage, beans and mushrooms (which i loved). the coffee on the other hand was bland. :( but there's nothing a few hundred packets of sugar can't solve! (HAHAJK)

the entrance to the B&B is rly lovely. also we got an extra room for the price of one roller bed bc the owner feltbad that the roller bed was rly lousy and bad to sleep in HAHA so lovely. ^_^ 

we took the car to the three sisters lookout, but tHE FLIES WERE EVERYWHERE and they aren't the typical singaporean houseflies that mind their own business and our food -- these houseflies MEAN bUSINESS. they swarmed my brother and i (but mostly my brother bc he stinks), and that basically ruined the view bc we couldn't stop swatting the flies which were so keen on invading our orifices.

the one and only photo in which we managed to stay still long enough to have a photo taken

me in the midst of swatting several dozen flies which remain elusive in this photo but i swear they're there

my brother came up w a semi-effective method of escaping the flies, which involved shaking one's body thoroughly and then sprinting away from the flies (which would have momentarily flown up from the position they would have occupied on his back). so we made it to the car intact, got in and rudely slammed the door on the flies.

julian executing his escape the flies plan

pretty flowers!

because the three sisters trail was closed for maintenance, we drove to a separate trail called the prince henry cliff walk further down down the road! initially there were no flies, but as julian the stinky brother walked onwards, they quickly collected upon his body and plagued him all the way to the three sisters HAHAHA

"why did i leave my lover in singapore" part 3

at some point, julian and i engaged in stick warfare



idek again

julian forgot to smile HAHAHA

my back pocket has a rly big hole :(


the view was magnificent! and it only proceeded to become ten times more so when we embarked down the giant stairway, which features steep, jagged steps cut into the cliff as well as my mum's shrieks of being scared of heights HAHAHA

the stairway was rly steep feat. our butts

reeeeally steep

this would make an awesome cliff to climb but unfortunately climbing isn't allowed bc the three sisters are too fragile

i think a fly flew onto my mouth

this is the bridge that connects the main mountain to the first of the three sisters! beneath which is absolutely nothing but air heehee so fun


cute bench in a cute cave carved into one of the sisters

brother posing 

what we noticed here was that the flies were only interested in my brother; after he ran away from us in a bid to escape the pests, the number of flies around my mum and i significantly decreased HAHA

we climbed the long and laborious way back up the stairs and drove to the govett's leap lookout, which gives us a view of a waterfall called the govett's leap. the water falls from the cliff and gets blown by the strong wind into the surrounding cliffs, so they never make it to the ground. ö so it's rly like the water leaps from the cliff's edge bc of the projectile motion!


showcasing the blue car which caused us so many near traffic accidents

julian attempting to whistle

a signboard said "bridal veil waterfall - 15 minutes" so we were like OK NO KICKS WE CAN DO IT but another thing we noticed while on the trip is that either australians are extremely talented at underestimating time duration, or they have significantly longer legs than us asians. it was a half hour trek down 416 steps (i counted) and FINALLY WE MADE IT but it was kinda small tbh. on the way back i was being gung-ho balancing on a narrow strip of rock above a puddle of water and ended up falling and wetting my jeans. :( HAHA

it's called bridal veil bc the mist from the water rises upwards and forms a sort of veil

aw my mum is so cute

the trek back up was torturous and my mum almost died

we had lunch at a deli in blackheath, wherein i had the most delicious smoked salmon salad sandwich!!!

we then set off for the hour long, windy and vomit-inducing car ride down the mountains into the jenolan caves WHICH WAS THE COOLEST MOST AWESOME PART OF THE TRIP

there were so many of these flowers in australia

cowering from the flies which also plagued us at the caves

following julian's escape the flies method


we went on a cave tour which had the guide explaining to us how sedimentary limestone rock is formed, how the blue mountains was formed, how the caves were formed and how the cave features were formed, all of which i learnt in geog which was pretty darn cool bc i was finally able to put everything i learnt into real observable practice ö what's rly cool is that yesterday i predicted that the blue mountains were made of limestone and we're formed by the collision of plate boundaries which was confirmed by the tour guide so looks like geog is pretty useful after all!! saw shale, crystals and sinkholes in the caves, along w the usual stalagmites and stalactites and columns damn it was so cool! the tour included about 400+ steps according to the guide yikes.

the guide taught us how to remember stalagmites and stalactites, which i thought was very useful as i always had difficulties differentiating the two. basically, slalactites are the thingys hanging from the roof because they have to hang on tight and slalacmites are thingys rising from the ground bc they might meet the stalactite above one day HAHA

rly cool litted up cave in the caves *^*

the little town next to the caves! + pretty cool silhouette shot

took the hour long ride back up blue mountains and passed many road kill. :( but we also spotted our first live kangaroos on this trip! the fog had rolled in by then (it was about 6:30pm) and it was pretty damn scary. ö julian says it's like one of those horror movie scenes where you see zombies traipsing out of the mist to come eat you HAHA

elyse poser yap should be my name

idk why these photos turned out sideways when i uploaded them to the imgur ugh sigh but yes you see how creepy it was!!!

made it back safely without being knocked off the cliff/crashed into by a bus and had lunch at chork dee thai restaurant which sold decent thai food but was not spicy at all. >:(

the end

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