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woke up to a wonderful morning. ^_^ had breakfast at pancakes on the rocks again, then proceeded to the opera house to take more photos!! (made a little detour to the hotel before that bc julian and i needed to take a shit.)

pancakes at the rocks!


CBD right next to circular quay.

not a post can pass that i do not pay tribute to my hair (and my mum).

neither can a post pass that i do not feature my pedo face

brother learning from my master skillz of poser-ing

brother and i attempting to look convincingly candid (who wins?)

brother and i copying each other's postures

my little brother has learnt from the great master that is me at taking candid photos MUHAHAHA

my mum left us to get the car, while julian and i walked back to holiday inn to pack. we got distracted by the museum of contemporary art on the way, which displayed lots of strange pieces that were nonetheless extremely interesting! (also where spidey's disproportionate crotch came into play for those of you who follow me on snapchat.)

legs look fat in these jeans sigh

if you look carefully you can see spidey's crotch from behind

after packing and checking out, we took the car and drove out of sydney, but not before my mother accidentally drove into the lane opposing traffic, nearly getting us crushed by an incoming bus in the process. thankfully the bus driver stopped before she could completely destroy us and gestured angrily at us to get off the road LMAO

we went on our merry way to blue mountains and made a lunch stop at a cafe called 2773 at glensbrook, where we had pizza and a burger (again). there were many flies too :(

 next, we drove to wentworth falls, and in an attempt to take the shortcut to the actual wentworth waterfall, we ended up taking a route that led us in the opposite direction because it was called the "shortcut trail" LMAO. instead of the 30minute hike we expected, we ended up taking 2h walking a very roundabout route to the waterfall omg........ nevertheless it was very scenic (although the first 10min was spent running away from flies chasing us ugh summer)

i have been informed that i appear to be shitting my pants in this photo

what am i even doing


can you spot us

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA my mum yawning behind is hilarious i cannot

we decided to take a break at a lookout point because we came to realise that we were hopelessly lost

climbing again + mum trying to emulate my super natural candid poser photos (and failing miserably what can i say)

pretty cool overhanging boulder which would have made a crazy abs-strength route

i was thusly inspired by climbing urges


loOK AT THE RAINBOW AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WATERFALL!!! (also we finally made it cheers)

awe-inspired by the rainbow, i decided to scale more walls

... and made it to the top of the waterfall!!!

crazy pretty long-exposure shot by julian

poser photo by male sibling yap

poser photo by female sibling yap

exhausted, we finally drove to our lodgings, the lurline house which is a rly cute and quaint B&B! we had dinner at savoy cafe and i had the BEST CHICKEN QUESADILLA IN MY LIFE WITH THE BEST SALSA IVE EVER EATEN and also the B&B has FREE WIFI GOOD NIGHT

as you can see my mother died

the lurline house has their own wild but domesticated parakeets!! (are these parakeets idk) they don't belong to the owners but they always come round to eat the seeds placed for them by the owners hehe
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CHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INSTAGRAM-WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!