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woke to a bright and early morning hehe weather that day was great; sunny but not humid with cold breezes in the morning/afternoon, and in the evening/night it got quite chilly like aircon weather! anyway we had breakfast at pancakes on the rocks which had rly fluffy pancakes hurhur. i was rly rejuvenated bc i had ~10 hours of sleep HAHA.

our hotel room! it was rly cozy. :B

this branch of the holiday inn was rly old, it operates more like a HDB that looks down into the lobby! this format is rly cool and pretty though.

we then walked half an hour down george street to the town hall which is GORJEZZZZZ

i just like my back view here :B

we arrived at the town hall!

we met up with the free sydney walking tour group at 10:30 and proceeded to walk 2.5h around sydney! drivers are really considerate and never fail to stop at zebra crossings even if you're still quite far away from it!

this statue of a dog is situated outside the queen victoria building which is basically a shopping mall! this dog used to be a talking dog (really just a ventriloquist giving the dog a voice) until it died i think. 

the christmas decorations are rly interesting -- a lego christmas tree! 

the st. something cathedral which we walked past but didn't rly get to explore. :(

apparently the sydney government wants to revive its alleyways by putting queer and interesting shops and decor within them. this is one example of cages hanging above the alleyway! don't worry there aren't really birds inside HAHA

gratuitous poser photo

a really nice photo of circular quay that julian took! 

afterwards we had lunch at a small cozy cafe tucked into a corner of one of the alleys (and was coincidentally just across the alleyway from the back door of holiday inn) and it was soooo quaint and pretty with big windows and wooden tables/chairs BUT there were so many houseflies. >:( we had their beef lasagna which was good (not too cheesy) and pulled pork burger (which was meh).

we took a break at the hotel, and left after an hour to the sydney opera house! kudos to my mum for choosing the rocks as the location of our stay, because it's right next to circular quay and everything is walkable distance, such as the town hall, george street (the main shopping street) and the OPERA HOUSEEE.

speaking of which, it was so gorgeous. *^* we went for the opera house tour, which was cool bc we got to enter all the theaters and absorb trivia about the architect etc. apparently the sydney govt decided they didn't want to go ahead with the opera house in the midst of its construction, so they dumped the architect who flew back to switzerland and never visited sydney again, so he never got to see his finished work. :'(

gratuitous poser shot of me #2

this was one of the coolest parts of the opera house, with floor to ceiling windows that give you a really good view of the ocean! 

don't even know what happened here but i like it

gratuitous photo of julian posing

anyway during the walking tour my mum had purchased tickets for the 6:30pm ferry, but we only left the opera house at 6:25pm so we eNDED UP RUNNING ALL THE WAY TO THE WHARF and i was wearing my watermelon slippers which was rly loud so i was like PIAK PIAK PIAK ALL THE WAY and also my skirt got turned around so the zipper was in front HAHAHA that was embarrassing. i'd like to say all that running wasn't for naught but unfortunately, although we reached the wharf at 6:28, the gates close 2min before departure, so we had to take the 6:50 ferry instead. :'(

while my mum was running, julian whipped out his DSLR and snapped a photo of her LMAO

as we waited for the ferry, julian bought fish and chips and IT WAS SO YUMMY!!! the seagulls were circling us hungrily though HAHAH.

we then took a ferry to manly beach (WHAT A NAME LMAO) and julian took a snapchat of a brochure called "a guide to manly" and captioned it "guess i don't need this".

.......... :|

the sun had begun to set as we embarked upon our thirty minute voyage to manly beach

julian asked me to take nice handsome candid shots of me but i laughed so much when he started posing that he started laughing too LMAO

what a nice candid photo

there you finally get a nice photo

i love my hair

we arrived at manly beach and it was kinda wet from the late afternoon rain so the sand was gross and the benches were wet. :( and thus i sat on my mum's lap bc my legs were tired #noshame

under the recommendation of some penguin-watcher guide dude, we had dinner at a vietnamese diner called "miss chu" and they had rly pretty lights!! i ordered the beef vermicelli noodle salad which actually turned out pretty good. ^_^ i finished the entire bowl bc the portion was quite normal and asian-sized HAHA. speaking of, sydney-sized portions are HUGE, we mostly ordered food for two during most of our meals and even that was more than enough for the three of us ö

below is a series of photos of my mum trying to get us to pose even though we had food in our mouths:

julian is hilarious HAHAHAAHA

we had so much fun doing this idky i almost fell off my chair laughing

took the ferry back, walked back in the nice chilly weather to our hotel, and crashed!

so pretty!!

the end

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