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5/6 DECEMBER 2014

i hate planes. it's horrible sleeping in one and i get nauseous watching movies. 8( anyway i watched TFIOS and it's actually not bad!! made me tear up at some scenes, although i didn't manage to watch it till the end because no time.

pretty cool photo julian took of the kinetic rain!

i call this the "i'm pining for my lover in singapore" photo.

we landed safely with some scary turbulence (at one point the plane dropped a bit and my mum screamed like a child HAHAHA), and took a cab to the rocks at circular quay! checked in to holiday inn which had rly pretty christmas decoration!!!

if you ever go to sydney you mUST visit the rocks, which is a revitalised but mostly untouched historic part of sydney, back when civilisation first started. it also happens to be EXTREMELY QUAINT with little cafes everywhere that never fail to entice you with their prettiness ughhhh.

we ate lunch at the rocks cafe which was super quaint.

we went to the weekend market next which sold all sorts of trinkets and accessories and is, in sharp contrast to most asian markets, severely lacking in clothes HAHAHA. anyway everything in sydney is super ex ohmygod. but i suppose it's because the portions are significantly large than singapore's (that is, food). bought vetra's souvenir here hurhurhur. 

OH AND I GOT PICKPOCKETED bc i opened up the outer pocket of my black bag to get my sweets and lo and behold, they were gone! and no i did not eat them all without realising it friends HAHA neither did i lose them myself!! you guys have so little faith in me. 

i highly suspect this was the location and time of the crime bc i was very absorbed in picking vetra's souvenir at this moment (can you spot me)
"why did i leave my lover in singapore" part 2

why am i such a poser

i was so exhausted from the horrible night's sleep on the plane and the inadequate sleep i had after clubbing the night before that i retired first to the room while my bro and mum shopped some more. we had dinner at an italian pizzeria which sold EXTREMELY SALTY but delicious pizza!!! i was so exhausted at this point that i felt like the world was swaying beneath my feet, even though i was sitting down boohoo. :(

once again i retired early and fell asleep HAHAHA the end!!
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Why would someone steal sweets...................
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...I'm sure someone would carry gems in their backpack HAHAHA