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hi guys my mum told me i must blog about my prom experience so here we go!!!

i started the day with johnson coming over to prepare for prom together; he took like one-tenth the amount of time i took to prepare HAHAHA but i have to say, the makeup i did for prom was the most on point it's ever been. \o/

we took a cab (i was hot, sweaty and annoyed HAHA) to prom, took photos blah blah blah ate dinner which was subpar and took more photos!! shoutout to fang for understand my ig ootd needs and being shameless w me ily. also there will be no photos in this post bc i am lazy and everything is on instagram!!

anyway so while we were having dinner one of the councillors came over to ask me if i was okay with being a prom queen nominee and ofc i was like ?!???!! and i said "no" bc i couldn't imagine going onstage facing the whole cohort!!! but the councillor was like "you can't say no!!" HAHAHA and i asked if johnson was a nominee and she said yes and so i agreed bc it's remarkably less scary to be onstage w a friend (and boyfriend).

so when the climbers were taking the photos, suddenly the doors opened and people started pointing at me and johnson?? turns out the emcee had just announced the prom king and queen nominees HAHA. we were ushered in amongst cheers of "JOHNSON! JOHNSON! JOHNSON!" by the climbers and miscellaneous others (typical).

once onstage, the emcee labelled us F1, F2 and F3 (i was F3) for the female nominees and likewise for our male counterparts, then asked us to do catwalks. i was last to go so i knew how to upstage the previous two (HAHAHA SO CUNNING RIGHT) but nah i didn't rly upstage them la, i remember doing a hair flick and a weird semi-bow thingy and getting hair in my eye LMAO. my feet were also killing me, i was praying so much i wouldn't trip and fall HAHAHA. johnson did a rly rly cute and hilarious catwalk by doing exaggerated hipswaying and pointing his finger at the audience hurhur.

then!!! the emcee had us stand in a line in front of the audience, and proceeded to tell the male audience to line up in front of the girl they thought should be prom queen and vice versa. i don't rly approve of this though bc it's so not cool to compare people's popularity like that?? idk.

so then it was time to announce the results (by this point my toes were numb). the prom king was announced first! julian won - the council prez, not my brother HAHAHA. good job julian, if you ever read this. :B

i was disappointed though HAHA i had hoped johnson would win!! anyhow, it was at this point that i started crafting captions for ig, like "thanks for nominating me prom queen even though i didn't win" and then the emcee said "F3"! at first i was a little unsure as to who F3 was, but when i observed that the other girls hadn't moved, i concluded that it was me HAHAHA and that's how i won prom queen!!!

the story doesn't end here though! when the emcee asked julian and i to take a photo together as prom king and queen, the entire school went like "EYYYYYYY" super disapprovingly HAHA then!!! johnson ran up onstage and kinda pushed julian away! AWWW I WAS SO TOUCHED PLS that was such a romantic gesture. :'))) so we took a couple of photos while the whole school cheered hehe that was really gratifying!!! ^_^

then prom ended and we continued to take photos. it was so crowded and crazy though, i couldn't wait to get out of the mad rush to change out of my heels omg.

afterwards, we (me, johnson, fang, jerryl, daryl, jerome and perry) cabbed to zouk. fang and jerome bought drinks, then we went to a gazebo behind the grand copthorne hotel and proceeded to get drunk. i didn't drink enough to get drunk so i was sober throughout, and tbh it was quite scary to see people transform under the influence of alcohol ö #wimp. daryl makes a hilarious, retarded drunk though i must say HAHAHA.

anyway then we went to zouk and phuture and started dancing and it was awesome!!! very invigorating, though not rly my cuppa tea bc it's a little too intense for my liking i think. :P and i danced so much my toes and feet and ankles and calves hurt like crap ughhhh.

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